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Hello steemians friends, I was on my way home, coming back from college.

While waiting for the MetroBus that would take me back to my home, I notice that a driver is injured due to the overheating of his car due to the almost immobile traffic that was at that time. Luckily, a couple of Transit Prosecutors passed by with a lot of pleasure and willingness to assist him in order to move the car to a place where he could attend to it without problems and without creating obstacles for the traffic that was already unbearable.


This situation gave me thoughts about how useful and positive have been the increase in the number of civil servants who direct automobile traffic and provide assistance to drivers and pedestrians, and how this could influence in a few years to have a less anarchic, more civilized city , in the streets of this very congested Caracas.

But it is enough that one wants to think about something good, to be able to take a positive aspect of the day's work, so that a person arrives who breaks with all this.

It turns out that in the middle of the act of the Traffic Prosecutors, in the middle of crossing two avenues, a lady in her truck realized that she was passing the opportunity to cross and not to lose it, she decided to casually turn her steering wheel and take a tremendous turn in U in full crossroads with the traffic circulating even having to skip the mound that divides the two directions of the avenue towards which it was heading. Is this person not aware of the imprudence that he is committing and that I can cause an accident? Without mentioning that it has become a new factor of aggravation of traffic and delaying more the return home of so many people who so desire it.

Upon observing this, the officer goes to the truck that is stuck in traffic, on the island between the two directions of the avenue, and asks him to please back off and continue on the other avenue and take a crossroad in another block. But is that I almost entered, just let them move a little and I can go on, "says the lady, and the official insists that he has committed an imprudence, to which the driver decides to launch the truck to enter the channel forcefully.

This is just one of many cases that these prosecutors live daily with irresponsible drivers, with some motorized that only respect a law that they create themselves, doing all kinds of pirouettes and maneuvers between traffic without caring about the risks they run or that they generate, and ignoring the beep of the wake-up call.
Call to reflection

A country is not made only with investment in infrastructure, health, education. A country is also made with common sense, with awareness and collaboration on the part of each one of us who day by day make life in Caracas, in Maracay, Valencia, Maracaibo and in general in each of the cities and each of the towns from Venezuela.

Culture and education in a country are of no use if those who receive it and those who impart it or transmit it do not realize that we must be socially responsible. That is, we must be responsible for our actions and the consequences that these can cause to third parties.

For many years we have witnessed the lack of traffic prosecutors in the streets and avenues of Caracas (as this is the case). Now that we begin to see a greater presence of such important and necessary officials, let's put our part to have a society that when it goes out on the streets does not behave like savages in the jungle, where the law of the strongest reigns (that of the biggest car or the insurance that answers the most) but that the law of justice and mutual respect prevail.

Education is not only to learn things from the past, how to talk, how to read, how to tell ... Education is to learn to be better men and women, better citizens every day and that over the years are transmitted good habits to the next generations and not just for education but to become a culture of Caracas and Venezuela.


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