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Hello steemians friends, respect is a special way of being, of being, of acting. Why did the Nazis not respect their victims? Why does not respect who mistreats his partner, or who pollutes the rivers, where he throws his debris without caring? The world of the one who respects is not, in reality, before their eyes, but behind them, in the background of their thinking. Who tortures, mistreats or pollutes, sees, and can even see clear and transparent. But he does not care. He has reality before him, he perceives it as any other, but he does not take it into consideration. His gaze does not go beyond what he sees. Although he is attentive, he cares little about what he perceives, he does not send messages to the back of his mind.


The government (the authentic migrant factory) does the same when it throws thousands of Venezuelans abroad every month. The Government-State (Maduro) does not care to treat the migrant as human dross; It is not long before he treats the migrants as counterrevolutionary worms.

That is why a good spectator is not necessarily someone who perceives well the things that are before him. We also contemplate ourselves every day in the mirror, but that image does not tell us anything until we stop looking at ourselves in the mirror, when we close our eyes or turn around. Then, in a few moments, we feel that we look good or think if we are not even disheveled. That is to say, at the time of seeing outwards, it follows him, to see well, and to consider what we see, to see inside.

Respect picks up that. Respect is to have a look. In Spanish, the verb respectar was used in a similar way. Who does not respect avoids this return to the seen and remirar, in case he forgot something or was wrong. Just look forward, without also looking back can clearly be a way of escape.


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