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Hello steemians friends, the cryptocurrency is the new solution that the government has to solve this tremendous problem. I do not doubt, that is so, but there is one thing that within my ignorance did not manage to solve. Government spokesmen have said that the cryptoactive will be impossible to manipulate and grope at someone's whim.

I do not doubt this assertion. As a cryptoactive, there is no information in my brain that allows me to process this with more or less logic.

Let's start with the fact that instead of a mother I am the father of three beautiful girls and some children, who are demons. Each of my daughters is 90, 60 and 93. They are of those commercial girls, that the media has typified as the best of the good and their brothers (my children) know it. They know that these girls are worth gold or oil for their physique.

My children, of whom I am a father, know that their sisters can be and I know they say: these three girls are a coveted human resource and all three are a cryptocurrency, with the value that a good female in the sexual market is quoted.
Suppose that these children, half bandits, make these three girls a cryptocurrency or cryptoactive and specify a purchase contract for the three girls.

I have this pair of jewelry as children, I also have a farm with 100 avocado bushes. My children are composed to create a criptochicas or cryptoactive with these girls and back them with 100 bushes of avocados that are already on the point of production. An avocado bush (one example) is quoted at the current agricultural market at $ 50.

If someone has got or is a holder of that contract of sale now and at age three, my avocado bushes have a value of 150 dollars (example) and my girls lost the charm; the one that has that contract of sale and the 500 dollars, which was the value that my girls had when someone made the contract, decides to keep my avocado bushes and I as a father who had some bad children, who negotiated my daughters With the backing of a bunch of avocado, I stayed with my daughters, all derailed and without avocado bushes. The contract holder asked to give my avocado bushes, which were of my family and not only my sons.


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