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Hello friends steemians, in this process of mobilization against transgenics, activated by the repeated manifestations of location to be used in Venezuela, by the business organization FEDEAGRO; the proposal of revision of the Law of seeds, materials for the animal reproduction and biological supplies and / or the creation of a new law of seeds arises from the parliament; under the justification of guaranteeing the supply of certified seeds and even making another fertilizer law.

Given the coincidence in time and space of both approaches, of course the suspicion and activation of collectives and movements of the popular forces has been generated.

The issue of transgenics seems a pot of smoke, for now, to negotiate and compel to discuss a seed law, which will guarantee to tie us even more to the production systems of Rockefeller and ordered from the scientific and technical empire of the CGIAR; to the appropriation, commodification, patenting of seeds and the use of agro-toxic inputs (fertilizers); as well as making all the Indo-Peasant seeds with their precious cultural heritage, their kindness of adaptation, propagation, resistance, their variability, their diversity, enviable and appetizing characteristics before a world that is chaotic, due to imbalances caused to Mother Nature.

We must broaden the debate and the wisdom of our struggles; not lock ourselves in the fight then, the problem is not only transgenic and Monsanto (this has many facades and roads).

We believe it must be debated (in that great debate we have called) about the relevance or not of a law that privatizes seeds, and includes, to top it off, the Indo-Peasant seeds, those that grow from the knowledge and doings of agriculture indocampesina; Will it be appropriate for them to legislate on them? Are they going to apply the certification rules that favor private companies and public and private agro-professional malinchismo? By legislating on them, what consequences will this contradictory marasmus of national and international laws and that kind of supraconstitutionality in which international conventions have become? Who, how and with what criteria will the thousands of Indo-Latin-American seed producers be validated? How will they evaluate to certify the local behavior of the seeds?


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