Back to the homeland, for God's sake. If what they are is running away

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Hello friends steemians, Maduro does not stop labeling slaves, beggars and washerpipes to Venezuelans who for various reasons, among them flee their nefarious government, have decided to emigrate as the only alternative of survival, before the economic and social disaster of a political regime that has also violated the Constitution, and has created a fierce neodictadura in our country, which has also made it a crime to be an opponent of his government slop, or even capture hundreds of young professionals - men and women - whose criminal acts are based on being managers of businesses and businesses.

Therefore, before a government whose failure has led to the exodus - according to different organizations - to more than 4 million nationals to different nations, being dramatic the fact of seeing hundreds of them walking through the mountains of the Andes, seeking access from Colombia even countries like Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Argentina, or failing that, to see an important part of our population, including indigenous people, living in difficult conditions in the border area with Brazil, or to know of Venezuelans who are detained in Trinidad and Tobago , or that many others are in similar conditions in various nearby Caribbean islands - curiously, except for Cuba - reveals that Nicolás Maduro has been and will be the only responsible in such emigration.

The phenomenon of the emigration of a country that without being in civil war, or in warlike conflict with another nation or group of nations, and that presents figures that exceed 10% of the total of its population, being mostly young, and that instead of decreasing they are increasing, it represents in political and social terms the self-destruction of a nation in its productive condition and of possible development.

The worst of this situation is that if the government wanted to return at least 1% of Venezuelans who have decided to leave the country, would have to bring back no less than 40 thousand emigrants, which is why, when we see the communication propaganda that does the madurismo by the air arrival of 89 Venezuelans, as if the problem had been solved with such a fact, the only truth is that such a news display ends up being devastating against the madurismo

Moreover, if the government, with its so-called mission to return to the homeland, used exclusively an airplane of the state airline Consorcio Venezolano de Industrias Aeronáuticas y Servicios Aereos (Conviasa), and on average 100 migrants would return daily, it would need about 400 flights with such amount of passengers, to reach a maximum of that 1% of Venezuelans. Figure that even in a year would not be possible to reach.


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