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A noble person is not limited to detail or parts, seeks to understand the whole. Versatility does not correspond to a noble person, but it can still defend itself against the vicissitudes of life.

A noble being can be entrusted with a government, is able to express whatever he conceives and should be able to do anything he says. The theme of language leaves nothing to chance. Your first initiative would be to rectify names. If the names are not corrected, the language has no object. When the language lacks an object, no matter can be carried out. When no matter can be carried out, the institutions and the world of life languish. Punishments and penalties will be wrong and citizens will not know where they are.

A noble person behaves with honor and when he is sent on a mission he does what is right. You can trust his word; finish everything you undertake
A noble being does not discuss or criticize what is on top of his position. And he is ashamed if his works are not up to his words.

A noble being under good government is straight as an arrow; under a bad government, it remained straight as an arrow. Under good government, he used his talents. Under a bad government, he hid them in his heart.

A noble being demands himself; a common man demands of others. You can be entrusted with large tasks, since you can not prove your ability in small matters. A common man can not be entrusted with great tasks, but his capacity can be proven in small matters.

A noble being abhors people who invent excuses for their actions instead of simply stating: This is what I want.

A noble being pays attention in nine circumstances:

  • When you look, to see clearly.
  • When listening, to hear without confusion.
  • In his expression, to be friendly.
  • In your attitude, to be respectful.
  • In your words, to be loyal.
  • In your obligations, to be responsible.
  • When you doubt, to question.
  • When he is angry, to reflect on the consequences.
  • When you get a benefit, to consider if it is fair.

A noble being does not distance himself from his fellows by considering the lost world or simply to preserve peace and purity because the Way does not prevail. The most essential human relationships can not be ruled out. Only among human beings can the necessary changes and transformations be made. If the world of life followed the Way there would be no need for that task. It is not good to withdraw from public life and from obligations and co-responsibility as a citizen.

A noble being first gains the confidence of his people and then can mobilize it. Without that trust, it can feel used. First he gains the confidence of his superiors and then he can present criticism. Without this confidence, your superior may feel that he is being slandered.

A noble being with a single word, reveals his wisdom; with a single word, he reveals his ignorance, and that is why he measures them carefully.

A noble being is qualified to govern because he cultivates the five treasures and avoids the four evils: he is generous without having to spend; it makes people work without complaining; he has ambition but not rapacity; He has authority, but not arrogance; It is severe, but not fierce.

A noble being understands its purpose, understands how it should be established and knows how to understand and communicate with others.


Ojala tu post se alojara en la mente y corazón de muchas personas, las cuales necesitan un poco de nobleza para mejorar nuestro hermoso planeta!

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