Wizz Air: From London to Iceland for 11 Euro

in busy •  5 months ago

Dear Steemians,

source: super-travels.com

With Wizz Air you can fly from London to Iceland for 11 Euro.
Flights are available from October until November.
You can book here:


Have fun

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Wow, wow, i have seen it as a cheapest deal from i am following you, just eleven euro.

Great and amazing travelling tips for go London to Iceland.💙💜💙🤗

Good evening @ulfr, what beauty of image, the translator does not help, but I want to say that it is more than beautiful.
If this is what the trip offers the price is nothing compared to this.
Have a nice night :)

Just 11 euro, can you imagine, go and fly!


well. if you are from London then you should see Iceland for sure.

@ulfr, Cheapest flight detail who want to go From London to Iceland.

Thanks for sharing!

Wow this has to be cheapest ever deal on your blog till now wonderful :D and iceland is one of the most super amazing places :)


not sure. I think Ryanair was under 10 Euro...

Thanks for the information.
What will be my bonus for booking a flight?


more than 11 Euro. Wizz Air will give you money for flying.


Lemme check it out.