Gratitude Challenge Day56: A Friend's Inverter.

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Hello steemians, greetings to yall.

It's the 56th day of the gratitude challenge organized by a great soul @tojukaka.

Am happy and sad at the same time, that's mixed feelings.
You might be wondering why the mix feelings.
Well am happy how far we've gone, and am sad because it will soon come to end, of which I don't wish it should. lol..

Well back to the main gratitude of to day.

Am greatful for @jacobite's inverter.

You would have noticed, I haven't been online. Well it's due to the unstable power supply and talking about the other option which is generator, not available when its been put on, an by the time am back it's either theirs shortage of fuel, or the generator has been turned off.

Even my charger got burned due to the high voltage of a friend's generator. I couldn't get the exact charger of my phone, so I wasn't able to charge.
Then I had to travel a one hour trip in other to get the charger, and coming back, I couldn't get where to charge my phone. But thank God for a friend's inverter, It's the reason am online and able to post too.

Now what are you greatful for?

Tell us by joining the gratitude challenge organized by @tojukaka.

What is Gratitudeday?

Everyday is gratitude day.

Gratitudeday is all about being thankful for the things that are happening in your life. A lot of us go through life taking things for granted. The goal is to challenge you to make a blog post about something you are grateful for. It could be big or small. It doesn't matter. Little things matter. I'll be doing this for 62 days (62 is not a random number). It's not an endurance game, you can join in anytime you want and opt out anytime you want.

Am uche-nna.

Thanks For Reading 💙💚💙💚💙.

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Hahaha. Now this is some real life shii.. There are two things that are very difficult to replace these days, it's one's phone charger and an original earpiece. I bet you can relate.


As long as someone is in Nigeria, he or she can relate to your story. Thanks for stopping by.


Hahaha. Many thanks buddy. I wish you all the best always!

I know that feeling bro, I've burnt several of my phone chargers too due to lack of electricity as well, definitely having @Jacobite's inverter is worth being thankful for, at times in difficult times we still find something to be grateful for, hope you're managing well bro?


Yes, I can relate to your story, so sorry and thanks for your concern, am managing in the best way I can.


Waiting to have you back as soon as possible, all the best wishes brotherly.

How are you doing?
I really don't very much understand the reason for your sadness but I do understand how it feels....
The mixed feeling,it happens.
I've felt it.
Thank God for Jacobite's inverter.
At least, we can see more of you.
We should talk soon dear.....


Juliet I ain't bad, am coping..
And also thank God for his inverter, if not..
We should talk o, you can even give me a call.

@uche-nna wow congratulations on your new inverter, with this, they will be nothing like; no battery on your phones anylonger, that's a good move dear, keep it up.

You need to get your inverter to charge more...Lol. Nice inverter.

not available when its been put on, an by the time am back it's either theirs shortage of fuel, or the generator has been turned off.

where do u go to all the time, better still get a powerful power bank.


I will try to see if I can get it..
Lol... Concerning where I do go, have been busy lately so by the time am home the gen most have been turned off. Getting a power bank, I have one though it isn't strong enough but i would get another one.


Busy as a bee ehn. It's OK, no food for lazy man as the elders will say. May your hard work not be in vain. As for the power bank, get it fast.


okay sure, thank you..

Well I'm glad that you have got this inverter now and will now spend more time on steemit with us and teach us things.
We all know life always has ups and downs, so we should make the most of our happiness and not think about those things that bring sorrows.


Friend it wasn't me that got the inverter, it was a close friend of my @jacobite. Though am thinking on getting my pretty soon too.

Concerning the teaching, when am free I will do that..


I thought you borrowed it from your friend.

I think these small tasks often give joy to everyone and follow this work to keep life and mind calm so I respect your work.

Go ahead @uche-nna

Giving help to people in need is one form of gratitude, by helping them mean we share happiness with them.
Although the help we provide is small but very useful for those in need, such as providing a battery charger.
Like gratitude challenge @uche-una

Your technology has inspired me and i respect this work.You continue your work because the success of the work will give you one day to the world's highest borders.

upvoted and resteem

I have a flair for that inverter.
It is very useful in our society comsidering the nature of power supply.

Thank God you are online now.


Yeah, it truely is I must say..

You're not alone on this bro, am also suffering from this lack of electricitt here.