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RE: Tips to Survive the Steem Dip!

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I remember my first panic cash out, LTC dropping under 10$, I'm still crying on the inside


Yes I forgot to mention I did the same thing and dumped about 100 Ethereum at $14 ... I think many of us do this because we do not talk about it with others before doing it!

And all those Dash masternodes which Suppoman will never let you forget ;P

I remember selling some of my NEO last year during all those Chinese ban and FUD

incredible information, very useful for me as a newcomer.

My only advice is that when you invest in a coin, count as if you lost that money, forget about it and most importantly only invest what you can afford to lose, good luck!

I really needed to read this post to encourage me to hodl. I’ve thought about so many things
Should I sell
Should I hold
Should I power up
I’ve been confused
Now atleast I’ll try and hodl and good for the best!
Thanks for sharing @jerrybanfield

hahah Bitcoin zero what? If you think Bitcoin is going to zero you just don't understand crypto. Even Bitconnect didn't go to zero.

I very much agree with you. My friend Warren said that Bitcoin is zero.

yeah, the best things is to hold your coins for benefits :) good luck

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I always try to hold my bags, its hard and it hurts but doesn't hurt as much as missing a big pump.

Ayy. One way or another we have to make mistakes for us to learn. :P

Very useful to me, although a little dizzy to understand it, this is the material of the seniors.

My goodness that sounds painful, but what a great lesson though..

I can only imagine how bad this must feel! I'm trying my best to not lose my faith, but it's really hard when you see your portfolio consistently dropping. For example, I bought IOTA at 4$ and I'm still waiting for it to rise

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