traditional stove

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the modern era leaves a lot of work done manually. now everything is all machine, elktronik, sophisticated, not like ancient times. I found a simple kitchen that still uses a stove to cook. Using fuel from waste wood. Actually cooking using wood coals makes the taste of cuisine more delicious. This kind of furnace is rarely found in the present era, except in a village close to the forest. utilizing dried wood. Reminds me of past lives.

i love indonesia.


Ane di rumah pake gas 3 kilo, jadi inget rumah nenek kalau lihat cara masaknya..😀😀

betul mas...sekarang orang cari yg praktis..😁

Mantap klo masak nasi di Hawu..Beda rasa nya

betul sekali....👍👍👍

Apalagi bisa sambil taro ubi atau singkong..😀😀