Hope for Generations Ministry Invites Tojukaka to Make a Presentation on Steem and Steemit

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Hello Steemians, Hope for Generations Ministry has invited me (your steem ambassador) to make a presentation on Steem and Steemit.


I don't think I've ever said no to any request to make a presentation on Steem and Steemit to a group. I've refused countless request to present to individuals because I hate to waste my time. I take it as my responsibility to promote Steemit because that's what I love to do; I love to talk and make presentations and meet new people; I love to sell; Steemit is a fantastic product and because I've been so generously supported by the whales here.

Promoting Steemit is just my way of saying thank you. Sometimes I do feel pressure to do stuff for Steemit. If you've never gotten an upvote from @thejohalfiles, you may not know what I mean. It gives you such a boost to work. Sometimes I take a nap and I wake up feeling like "damn! I could have done something for Steemit with this one hour, maybe reply a personal message or assist someone who is having a difficulty with any of the apps or curate a post or make some research or something."

Anyway, these are the details of the seminar. Its happening tomorrow and if you are in the city of Ibadan, catch me there!

Time: 12:00pm. It's going to last for several hours so don't be late.
Place: Hope for Generations Ministry Secretariat, 99, Idi Ito Bus stop, Sango-eleyele road, Ibadan
Anchor: The event is put together by @kingsolo
Guest Speaker 1: My humble self @tojukaka(your steem ambassador)
Guest Speaker 2:@thelovejunkie

Thank you for reading.

Special thanks to @cryptonafrica and @samgodfrey for giving me a lovely thumbnail/flyer.


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This is Amazing.
African on steemit are really trending.
Thank God i am no more lost
Anyway i am a Ghanaian of 19 years and i just popped into this place.
Can i get you at my back please , because when you go somewhere and you know nobody there, you feel unhappy.
But once i have found someone that i can relate and we actually have somethings in common . i think am safe now.
Bless up bro.
You can add me to any steemit group that u have boss

@tojukaka our leader and role model please dont relent because if not for people like you, people like me wouldnt have known about steemit opportunity, God bless you

What a responsibility turned ownership you have taken the spread of steam and steemit to be. I love your passion for the community. God bless your efforts. Keep steeming

Thank you for honouring the invitation. You're so amazing. Looking forward to seeing you, @thelovejunkie and @olawalium tomorrow.


Excitedly excited.

@tojukaka thanks for putting people first even when its hard, i believe in you bro.

Way to go boss; you'll soon be invited to speak at Aso Rock on how Steemit has empowered millions of Nigerian youths.

Having the same thought of having a presentation in my church too, already started the group already converted 5 persons into steemit. Maybe we have @ejemai and @samstickkz at the presentation. this gospel must be heard


venue sir


Hope for Generations Ministry Secretariat, 99, Idi Ito Bus stop, Sango-eleyele road, Ibadan

R u in town?


not yet

So happy you moving on bro, I wish I can attend distance has being a barrier

Continue spreading the good words @tojukaka

Keep the spirit going brother i may not attend but will be here waiting for the videos cant wait,i trust u make a good presentation.

Ride on sir, go preach the steem gospel. We will follow your footsteps.

wanna see your presentation, you are awesome to explain, cheers on steemit

Weldone Sir Kaka! More strength.

Wao great post I follow u

Bravo. I heard about Steemit from @thelovejunkie and @restandreigm and @tojukaka kept reoccurring while they talked about this amazing platform. Keep trialing the blaze

Thumbs up @tojukaka keep on shearing your knowledge about steemit! A role model like you is worthy to have!

I'm really happy to see this.
Great one bro!!!

Wow.. Indeed Africa is coming to the realization of steemit. Am glad i adhered when i was told about steemit. Have learnt alot and my ideology has been fine tuned...

This man is everywhere....
More grace....

Can't wait to listen to you. Yaaay!

Well done @tojukaka you're doing a great job and you're an inspiration to the community.

That good. Spread the steemit opportunity. I won't mind if you can come to Akure to help spread steemit here