Gratitude Day 5: Thank God for the Gift of a Pastor

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There is a man that I know, who is filled with so much wisdom and grace. He is my Pastor. I don't know if you have heard of him, he is the set man of Harvest House Christian Center(my church). His name is Reverend Gbeminiyi Eboda. He is a good man. I consider him as the most intelligible person in the universe. Most of the good things I know, I learned just by listening to him. He leads by example. He is an epitome of excellence, wisdom, love and honour. Revo is a man of honour. I wish everyone can hear him speak just for five minutes. Just listen for five minutes and you wouldn't want to stop listening.

Harvesthouse Christian Center YouTube Channel

Today, I'm grateful for my Pastor and a father. I'm grateful to God for giving me this ocean of grace and wisdom to drink from. I'm grateful to him for all love and teachings

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When you Carry the Power of God Wearing a Denim & Jean

This is day 4 of my daily #gratitude challenge.

Special thanks to the following persons who took part in the challenge yesterday.


>Everyday is gratitude day. @tojukaka

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Great words

Thanks for always being awesome Sir Tojukaka.

But before I proceed I'll like to say Good afternoon to you.

I wasn't able to make a post yesterday due to power supply problems, but I'll be sure to make one today.
Thanks once again for this opportunity. Remain blessed.

Our Pastors are Angels. Thank God for yours. God bless him.

Happy Sunday Toju ☺

We're lucky to have you @tojukaka I wish peace and prosperity for you and your loved ones.

Boss @tojukaka. I can sure relate to this cos we seat under this man's wealth of knowledge together and its evident how God has brought us thus far in all we have learnt from him. Awesome God. Grateful heart. You said day 4 instead of day 5 in your last sentence after the last pix. Just observant jare.

I'm most blessed sir. Being grateful over something is very important. It's an act of appreciation. I'm encouraging everyone to be grateful to matter in their dealings

Your upvotes is a catalyst sir...
Thanks and happy sunday

Hey! You're lucky man. I have not met before but I have read two of his books and those where just another compendium of wisdom and deeper revelations. I long to meet him someday.

I think somehow when you have a good pastor, it reflects in your life. I am happy for you.
Someone sent you a shout-out on my Saturday show, you can do well to check out the message on my blog. Thanks

Just only we are living is a big reason to give thanks to God.

I love the intro about dressing.
And the way he prayed.

Hello @tojukaka!
Thanks for bring up this challenge. I participated in yesterday's challenge but my name is not on the list... this is the link to my post



It's been a while since I posted. I felt I didn't have much to say. Thankfully, I realise that I Have A Tale Worth Telling

Thanks for this wonderful initiative

Blessings to you and your pastor

Great and good pastors will always guide us and enrich our faith. They always support us and encourage us. Thank goodness for these kinds of pastors.