Gratitude Day 1: I Thank God

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Mere words can never be enough to articulate how much I thank You
Although sometimes the goings are rough but I made it
Lord my God when I reflect on life and just how far I've come
You've sustained my path, kept me through it all
Byron Cage

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It was a cold and dark night. My mother warned me not to travel at night. I didn't argue with her, but I traveled anyways.

After a heavy rain, our car hit the road again. The ground was wet and slippering and our driver was driving pretty fast. No one saw the trailer coming behind us. In a bid to dodge a ditch of water in front of us, our driver swerved in front of a trailer. The trailer was supposed to hit our car but for some bizarre reason, it missed us by a matter of seconds. It drove right in front of us and fell on the other side of the road. I can't really explain how we didn't get crushed that day. It was God that saved us.

Today I want to thank God for his loving kindness and tender mercies. There are so many ways that he has blessed me. God is the source of my joy and the strength of my life. All that I have and all I am is traced to his infinite mercy and grace.

Listen to Gratitude by Byron Cage

I live with a sort of confidence that there is someone watching over me, whispering in my ears and telling me what to do every time. My greatest enemy is my fear. But once I look into God's word, my fears are drawn in love. God's love is infinite, his mercy is boundless.

This is day 1 of my #gratitudeday challenge.

What is #gratitudeday challenge?

Gratitudeday challenge is a daily challenge that encourages people to be grateful for little things and big things. It's going to last for 62 days, after which, some lucky person(s) will emerge with 62SBD. I'll also be giving away some daily SBD's along the way. Please read more about #gratitudeday in its introductory post.

How to Participate in #GratitudeDay Challenge

This is what I will do in return.

  • I'll upvote your post
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  • I'll note your name in my spreadsheet, that you qualify for the grand prize of 62SBD. Do you want to know how to win the 62SBD grand price? I'll share that in a subsequent post.

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great and entertaining work !!!!! keep it up

Glory be to God in the highest, we also thanks God for your life, you are a precious gift to this platform...
Thumb up for you 1millions time.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Glory to God in the highest

Yes humanity always have a way of holding us one day. That's is why a great full and gratitude heart always win the Game

Now i feel guilty....

God be praised!

Thank God over your life, so many of us are enjoying you on the blockchain and we cant afford to loose you, @tojukaka you are an inspiration, God bless you! Let the challenge start!

Our God is an awesome God he is there even in the darkest days of our lives . Am grateful to God i should join the gratitude day thing because I have reasons to be grateful to him

Indeed God is a mysterious God who works in mysterious ways. Thank God for life and this testimony. I know he'll do more for you @tojukaka

God is good all the time. The welfare of his children is precious to him. The child of God is the apple of his eye. God has been great and merciful to us. His praise is immeasurable. Thanks for sharing. I'll participate in this challenge. God bless

This is indeed a gratitude to God who saves your life. I'm also open to this challenge. Thanks @tojukaka for sharing

Most times i feel like I'm not grateful enough. God has been so good to me.


yeah me too
this is the point of this whole 62 days challenge

i am grateful to GOD for you

This is good! Sometimes the best way to get more from God is to have a sense of appreciation for what he has done already but we are humans and our wants are insatiable. We often focus on what we don't have whereas we are yet to show gratitude for one's He has done already.

God, I'm grateful.

To God be the glory, to whom all blessings flow. Thank God for sparing your life. The Grace upon the house will always rub off on you. Listen to mummy next time o brother, she must have sensed something in her spirit and I am really happy God showed up. He is always on time.

I am definitely on this one sir. Expect mine later...


I don't need a prophet to know that you must partake in this series. If nobody participate, you surely have a million reasons to do so...

I will surely squeeze out time to participate in this.. Gratitude is a sign that man has not lost his sanity.


Hahaha yes o, my brother. I have millions of reasons to be grateful. Gratefulness does enlarge the heart and brings about humility.

I would love to see you join too.

Thank you for your support always. Means a lot to me.

His covenant of protection is always sure over our lives.

All glory honor and praise be to unto his holy name.

@tojukaka, am uplifted with the song Gratitude by Byron Cage..
It's really inspiring..
Thank you..

This is wonderful. As I read through this post and other entries, I got inundated with reflections

Here's my expression of gratitude


When I started reading this, I had no idea it was a contest, and was just going to say how grateful I am that with all my failings and mistakes of 57 years that my God, my wife and my children still love and forgive me.

I feel weird saying that and then going for some financial benefit for having said it, so I will resteem only to get the word out.

I thank God for His deliverance in that accident for you and yours, as well.

If you want more in life be grateful to God for what you have to attract more.

Folle m e
My up me

We have so much to be grateful for! Thanks a gazillion Toju for this opportunity. I made a post about gratitude recently;

This absolutely buttresses my point. We all need to reflect on our blessings and the people who have been blessings to us and find ways to celebrate them.

@tojukaka i did a post on gratitude today tagging gratitudeday but you didn't fulfil ur end of the bargine.

The glory of God is infinite. Thanks for the opportunity to thank him

Wow 😲
Sad that I’m just seeing this 🙈
Good initiative 👍🏽
Attitude of gratitude is very important ..
Thanks for the reminder 🙏🏽

Guess it’s too late to participate 🙈