Big Guys Memes Part 2

in busy •  2 months ago



Meme Creator_1536318357575.jpg


Meme Creator_1536318249097.jpg

Meme Creator_1536318249097.jpg

Meme Creator_1536318685834.jpg

If you wanna know what this "steemit big guys" is all about, all I have to say to you is:

if you know you know

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I shall sha big up one day on steemit...

But truth be told, though not a big boy here, we still big somewhere else in some other way...


My dear,
I don't believe anyone is small and I don't judge anyone. I'm doing this just for the fun.

You are awesome


I totally understand, was just saying...
We or (me "personally") still appreciate all of you doing well here and keep hoping to be better and meet up with your likes...

Lol its hot getting hotter.... Shift big guys approaching

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Lol in time we all will