Ability to block mention abusers in the notification system

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You can change your world step by step.
Change is necessary for a better future. Evolution, innovation, wealth...
This post is about #my1step.


Busy is a user interface of the Steem blockchain (like Steemit, eSteem, etc...)

Expected behavior

I want to see a ton of notifications about my fame and glory :laughing: but not from the same person. :sob:

Actual behavior

I see a lot of notifications from the same user who mentions me in every post (this is a type of vote begging I guess). See this screenshot.


Add a block function to the notification system where users could put abusers to a blacklist.


Abusers are bad for the user experience.
One way to trying stop them is downvoting them. Many of them would change their mind and stop mentioning me.
However, there could be situations when downvoting wouldn't solve the problem. E.g. I could make a bot and with a cheap account I would have enough bandwidth to mention users I want to disturb in every 3 seconds, and I could do it even with a -25 reputation account.

I've opened this issue at Github. Feel free to contribute.

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Very good post ive seen multiple posts with over 30 ppl taged they usually tag people who voted them before


I think it's a wrong way to get supporters. I maybe voted for him, but I won't (and I'm not alone) if they use such techniques to gain attention.

Your way is clearly better. You read my content and give a useful feedback.


if you just leave a comment can you kindly stop tagging me its turning into spam they usually stop