First ever Steem meetup in HCMC

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Hello Steemians!

So I just come back from a Steem Vietnam Community Meetup here in Hô chi minh city.
It was the very first meet up in Ho Chi Minh city.

The meet up was set up after I got in touch with @hanggggbeeee who is the person in charge of these meet ups but in Hanoi.

Meet Up Time

The initial idea for this meet up was actually to meet other steemians in Vietnam and more like to get to know each other outside of the Steam World.

We had a nice discussion about Steem, Cryptocurrency and blockchain.
I helped the other friends who just got into Steem to learn a little bit more about the Steem world (like the SteemPower, SBD etc). I think that I talked more about the features and the essence of Steem.

Then @infromthecold talked about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Patricia helped us to learn more about these two things and explained to us how the world is evolving and how we can get prepared to those changes.

I got to explain how to use all the tools that’s available to work together even better (like Discord, Telegram etc)

I think that at the end of this meet up, we started to feel more like part of a community. And I believe that we will all help each other now to grow together in the platform.

PS: Thanks @addicttolife for taking pictures of this event. And all the participants @nguyentrung @sandypham @jade74 @haiyen2901

Aw and don’t forget « together we are goin’ forth ».


oh i see, small group, i didnt know you were going to do it. YOu
should of give us a head up to see if we can help you.

yes, i will continue to develop, improve and help the vietnamese community on steem ;)

Thanks for your sharing today and we’ll strong in the future!

You’re welcome trung. Don’t hesitate to share with poeple and help this community

Nice work. Haha. I think i missed somethings. Did you guys talk a lot about steemit? Do one more @theshinstory 😉

thank you @hanggggbeeee we share a lot about steem :p ! Yes i will try to organize a new one asap

Today i understand what difference between Steem and SBD and usefulness of discord. Thanks a lot @theshinstory :)

Happy to hear that ! :)

Thank you for helping the Steemit Vietnamese community!

I will continue to do my best


How I wish I'm with you, guys! I want to join in your group. Hehehe. But anyway, God bless! <3

Good initiative, congrats ;)

thank you Hightouch

Great to meet you all today, what a fantastic group of steemers!

Yes happy to have you in this community. Hope we will do some nice things for this community

It was such a pleasant time. We'll have to do another one ASAP. Can't wait to see the power of this community.

Nice bro!!! let me learn a bit more about all of this and i will try to do the same in Guangzhou hehe

Don't worry i will share with you about this wonderful platform :p

hehee cuộc họp đầu tiên ở hà nội còn ít hơn tnay cơ a =)) lần 2 sẽ đông đủ hơn

haha mong community se phat trien nhieu hon nha

tất nhiên r :v 1 ngày e đủ $ e ms bay vào dc Hồ Chí Minh hahaa. mong dc hội ngộ tất cả

Theo wallet cua em cung du ma :D

Thật tiếc khi không tham gia được vì cháu ở xa quá.

Very useful meeting. I am waiting for next meep up in Ha Noi.

It's good to see another meetup in Vietnam. I hope I would participate some day. This community is growing fast and will grow even faster day by day I believe.

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Thank you for sharing this.

Its ok for me. You can do a review and help to promote this event and try to improve this vietnamese steem community :D

Alright, it will be on my profile next Friday. Thank you for permission.

I agreed, keep moving, my friend