🎨🔹Abstract art- Cage and my thought experiment 🔹🎨

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Hello all steemitians,

Today it is a bitter cold in Mankato, Minnesota with winter snow. It is a little town of Minnesota .
Winter months ongoing and a lots of snowfall outside. Staying home to be warm and comfortable in holiday.

So hypothetically, I am stuck in my house like a cage. I can't move outside as freely .
Hmm, don't be so upset because here I am sitting on my laptop doing my creative art work presenting here my abstract art, 'Cage'.
Perfect name for it. Isn't it ?
Hope all of you are enjoying the winter months ........


birdsplate1 (2).jpg

Here is the original one my sign on it. Above one is with framing.


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Some of my works Below...


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Wonderful to see your colorful painting, I am glad you are back! I can imagine, winter is back and it is nice to be in warm house under warm blanket that I did over weekend :)

Thank you @stef1 for your nice comment . Yep you are right , warm house and warm blanket with hot coffee or tea, love that.

I do like it! I love the colors, it really catches my eye! Plus, abstract really is my thing!

Old man winter just showed up yesterday! It's not pretty!


  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Aha @dswigle it is pleasure that you love the colors. Yep , bitter cold outside .

Thank you again for the tip .

It's my pleasure!

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