Cyber Friends. Real friends or not?

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How many friends do you have in your social medias?

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Every week people around the world gain new followers in they social medias. Sometimes it looks so great, but how many of this people who followed you are your friends?

This is the thing

Social medias and IM are getting so big and it worth to meet new people. The reality is that you can have new friends using it and that's not bad.

Cyber friends have positive things: no physicaly nationality limits, no languages limits and there is less judgement. You feel closer to people that you meet on Internet because there is so many plataforms to be comunicated all the time.

The thing is when you let behind your real friends, the friends that you have in real life, to being just in your phone talking inside this (it is called Phubbing, i learned it it a psychology class). Inded, when you talk with people in social medias you cannot have control if they are real, I mean, yo cannot be 100% sure that they are exactly what they said they are. Are you sure that their don't use your information to other porpouses?


What happen with friends in real life? You know what they are! Physicaly affect is so important to us, and that's what friends in real life can offered you. They can hug you when you need, they can visit you, kiss you and all that physic things what we need. How many time you spend with your friends without use your phone? How many time you spend real time with them? Think about it.

So, it's not bad have cyber friends beacuse they are a complement of your gruop of friends, but, PLEASE, don't leet you friends in real life behind, they're your support in real life!

Hope you're having a good week!

Thanks for reading

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The better question is are you a real friend to your friends and we may not know who is a real friend or a fake friend but we can choose to be real or fake with them regardless of who they may or may not be as that is all we can do right?

That's a good question. I think we need to be real, we need to be exaclty what we are. If you are a good friend you're gonna accept what your friends prove they are.

Well, this item has so many things to say. A real friendship is one of the most difficult things to make.

Thanks for your comment!

Agreed. Thanks.

Es bueno tener amigos por todas partes del mundo y poder comunicarse con ellos. Pero nada supera un café ☕ compartido, un gesto siempre es mejor.
Me alegra leerte.
Me llevo tu publicación.
Saludos. Dtb.

¡Totalmente! No hay nada como tener compañía. Pero bueno, supongo que la amistad y la comunicación real son otras de las cosas que se subestiman.
Gracias por leer.