TRYBE token holders will be able to stake their tokens and generate a passive income!

in busy •  3 months ago


Its an interesting platform to say the least but I am having kind of a tough time visualizing it growing very much if the only topics allowed are just based on crypto. One of the things I like about steemit is that I can do regular posts where I basically just blog about something fairly simple. I seriously don't believe people actually want super big complex posts all the time. I think what they want is to see fun stuff for their dopamine drip highs. Look at the front page of reddit for example.

Also...I wish there was a more simple way to explain how much would need to be staked in order to earn say, 10 USD a day passively. So far I have earned a couple thousand tokens just from normal posts. But I am not sure what that will be valued at after the airdrop. Should I toss a couple thousand at this? Convert other coins I am likely to never use to something I will use?

What if every freaking platform does this staking for passive income stuff? LOLInvoluntary NEET...

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