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This weeks patch has a bunch of bug fixes and one fairly large game play change. In one of the reviews recently I noticed a bit of feedback regarding how managing your gear "just boils down to simply leveling it up" which entails a kind of mindless upgrading. This one feature has probably made it a bit too easy to just maintain a base set of gear without having to really plan ahead or even pay attention to most loot obtained in general.

By removing this one feature from the fabricator I feel that it forces you to have to both plan ahead and depend much more on the loot you are obtaining in general. This is a more ideal mindset I think and adds a bit more meaning to loot obtained in the game.

  • The ability to upgrade the level of an item has been removed. (Big gameplay change!)
  • Addressed a clipping issue on the second starting level of mission 2.
  • Removed 4 annoying little lava pits that keeps eating peoples death loot.
  • Tooltip for "Disable movement effects" has been properly updated.
  • More stuck spot floors have been corrected.
  • New Game plus should not display a strange number of lives at the start.
  • New Game plus now properly displays the level cap on character selection.
  • New Game plus no longer breaks the infinite dungeon.
  • The floor of the infinite dungeon is now the level all things will spawn.
  • Advancement text will no longer spam if you do not collect them right away.
  • Fixed a typo in the bulwark shield blueprint.
  • Can no longer get advancements by clicking on items you are unable to equip.
  • The game no longer considers a loot chest looted until you remove at least one item.
  • Superbuff now properly displays Big Health Buff, Big Armor Buff, Big Attack Buff.
  • Sanctuary vending machine should not have legendary blueprints list. (Take 3)
  • The tool tips now include a DPS (Damage per second indicator)
  • Graphical quality has been greatly improved for various textures.
  • Mission complete rewards are automatically obtained now.
  • Automap is now stationary if you double click the map button.

Ill try to get a video up this weekend to talk about more stuff as well. The number of remaining bugs I have on my list is rather small and this means it may be time to start talking about the first content patch I have planned.

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Oh wow you made a game? How many people play it?

Also, I am new here but do you think there is a market for a DApp that teaches people how to program?


Oh wow you made a game? How many people play it?
It has a decent number of players for such a small scale indie title.

Also, I am new here but do you think there is a market for a DApp that teaches people how to program?

You might as well just make an APP that does this. The decentralization aspect means you have to change how you think about things before you can really make it work.