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So the following patch notes are the final medium bugs that I have had on my bug list. I am basically done with all of the major bugs with the game at this point in time!

  • Corrected a minor level range issue with each mission.
  • Greatly reduced obstructive muzzle flash smoke from most weapon fire effects.
  • Fixed an enemy pathing issue on the second level of War Path.
  • Crouching inside of dead enemies should no longer get you stuck in crouch mode.
  • The cost of crafting ammo boxes has been increased.
  • Adjusted the values of crafting various blueprint items.
  • General pass to remove many locations in power node battles where enemies cannot reach the player.
  • Text is now properly display to show what items you gained from mission rewards.
  • Bulwark Shield no longer spawns in the ground or inside of objects.
  • The tool tip system now properly compares specials and boosters.
  • Provided more room for the description text on all tool tips.
  • Repairing damaged armor advancements now work correctly.
  • Repairing worn armor advancements now work correctly.
  • Enhancing armor advancements now work correctly.

So what does this mean?

So in this video marks a moment where I have to start thinking about what to do next.

  • Do I begin working on a content patch for Revulsion?
  • Should I begin working on Revulsion 2?
  • Should I consider going a different direction?
  • Maybe begin looking for a normal game industry job again?

The above video goes into a lot more detail about this entirely.

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That's a pretty hefty patch! I'm gonna have to stream this game again...

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Its smaller than the last patch!


I guess I missed the last one. Silly me!

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