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I plan to get a video together soon to talk about things and go over feedback. I am actively checking for any twitch live streams that may appear. I just recently saw a couple vods by a streamer named SumoWish. Live streams are super duper helpful for me to get feedback for the game because it shows people just playing and learning on their own.

Some fun notes :

  • Most peoples first reaction to Revulsion is that the game has a lot of stuff going on. Most people are not expecting it I think! Its the "what did I get myself into?" reaction lol
  • Its fun to see what weapon will be over powered by player preference. It makes me happy the Sniper is getting some love. If you enjoy the sniper then the magnum might be appealing too. I have been told the Tri-fire pistol is over powered as well as the Blaster.

So far things have been really good. But I did notice some bugs I will be fixing in a patch. Now that I have a chance to see people actually playing its going to bring up a lot of things I never had a chance to really see.

Here is a list of things I will be taking a good look at to address in the next patch for the game. This list is very likely not the final list.

  • Empty ammo Icon for weapons that do not consume ammo are still using a placeholder graphic. (Whoops!)
  • Legendary mobs still start with half health. (Perhaps this is a blessing)
  • Destructible blocks that hide a secret should have a crack on them.
  • Death markers sometimes become exclamation points on the automap. Seems to only happen early on.
  • Blueprints sometimes appear as higher quality in the vending machine early on. (Weird)
  • Potentially looking into buffing all crossbolt class weapons. (Not sure...)
  • Blaster projectile needs to be tiny bit faster.
  • Power nodes need to vanish from automap after completion.
  • Zombie security accuracy could use at least a slight reduction.
  • Legendary mobs can sometimes spawn way too high level.
  • Look into uncapping 144 fps so players are not forced to edit ini files.

Let me know if you have anymore feedback. Ill toss it on the pile of things to work on. This could be a patch for early next week. Ill keep you all posted as things come up.

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