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This update ended up having even more than I was expecting I would get in place tonight.

  • Further reduction of random gen levels that appear between hand crafted levels on normal missions.
  • Various major bugs with the new level 50 / 100 cap mission have been addressed.
  • Massive changes to all loot tables. You will see far more weapon types at much earlier levels!
  • Inventory space buffed on all classes.
  • Endless armor affix now provides much more carry weight.
  • Minigun buffed
  • Railgun buffed
  • Sniper buffed
  • Acid Cannon Buffed
  • Orbital strike buffed
  • It no longer says "Abort Mission" while participating on Infinite Dungeon content.
  • Fewer ambushes on very early random gen levels

9 minutes of hardcore Revulsion Gameplay

This video shows 9 minutes of one of the more intense locations in Revulsion. This is a small part the most difficult mission in the game at both the 50/100 level cap.

You can buy and play Revulsion here

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