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Do not need to explain the poem Linguistics

To explain the poem does not need alcohol, starch

The poem does not need a book to explain the Bible

The poem does not need religion to explain some

Do not have words to explain the poem educated

Do not have to explain the poem to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

No poem to explain the story wrong

Do not need to explain the poem fantasy summer dreams

Sign to explain the poem, Symbol, The form will need

Present to explain the poem, By articulation, No manner of articulation (the word)

Do not need to explain the poem uncovered empty stomach

Do not need a hand to explain the poem angry

A poem written to explain what I .., What I do not have to serve in the groups.

To explain the poem ...

We do not need you, The poet does not need one

Asia does not need to explain ... poem poem. .

author: @thaet653
photo:cedit google images

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