A poisoning

in busy •  last year 

A painting
I see he is frank exchange value
Line a more persuasive
How bad
Activation of suspended animation
There's dancing was found .........

Besides poetry Fragment
I proceed to walk
What ....
Life is money
Fake Feelings
Why not eat the (move) ...
My once it has been read Streaming
This is a poem for me to blossom
Unknown is still value ....

one glance
Full of hope and stared off
I feel
Who would know
Dim fire
You can not light
The sharp thorns black ......
Mouth is difficult ...
The money was given freely
It will automatically switch ....

I guess if you get mad
One taste ......
Vocab Answers need to be drunk ....
Poisoning night
As well as swimming
I get your point wounds ...
author: @thaet653
photo:cedit google images

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