duration Avengers: Infinity war cut 7 minutes, this explanation LSF

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in Indonesia this film only lasted 149 minutes. shorter 7 minutes from the duration of the original along 156 minutes or 2 hours 36 minutes.
of the details LSF that, listed also that the classification of age destined for 13+ years. rates sensor subject to any of USD 612.900. respond to the decision, the chairman LSF Ahmad Yani Basuki said that he haven't seen directly process censorship it. he just sign, while the censor is team LSF. see also: Avengers 4 so last appearance Chris Evans as captain America "I did not see, the signature of the indeed me. I don't know exactly what revised to this film Yes. point in general, baseball many movies revised," said Yani when contacted kompas.com. in general Yani explains, forms of censorship occur in a film by considering the classification of age. there is the age of all ages, 13+ years, 17 to the top, and 21 and older. "each criterion age that we have limitations, if the movie not according to the limit it Yes revision," he said. related to graduation sensor Avengers: Infinity war for age 13+ years, Yani said that it has become a decision team sensor LSF. according Yani, movies superhero such as the production of Marvel vulnerable violence. violence that rule-based LSF form of the sensor is divided into violence in dialogue and the scene. see also: theory fans prediction the fate of Thor in the Avengers: Infinity war "if for 13+ years, the audience age like that the age mimic Yes. it is something that digested that there should be a limitation-limits Yes" he said. "if revised clear, revision no relation to the age of so. size if there violence to where, when pornography what, if there are things that hard manifold," connect him. Yani said, film distributors Avengers: Infinity war in Indonesia, the University of Omega film, can understand the problem sensor 7 minutes this. "means they understand and accept that decision. if they do not receive, meaning not deny Yes, receive want mendialogkan, this can happen as well," he said.

for example scenes this do not cut, okay, so the film for age so Yes. it happen. because the default classification of age, in addition to the feasibility of general Yes, "connect him.

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