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The true security that a human being reflects is something that has to do primarily with the prevalence of the spiritual rather than the material.

When we adopt the kind of security that has to do with inner knowledge, with the satisfaction of feeling valuable, with feeling God as our inner guide, it is when we are then faced with genuine and authentic security. It is authentic because nothing and no one is going to take it from us, because we are spiritual beings, and in that area there is no room for external susceptibilities.

It is true that in today's world a "false security" predominates, that is what non-spiritual beings have, it is a "security" that has to do with dependence. This dependence can be physical appearance, wealth, social position, and also experience. For example, security for physical appearance is perhaps the most false of all.

Many people are born and develop with a confidence that has not come from within, but from an external concept such as the parameters of beauty established by society.

But there is all that information is our evil inheritance from the past. Even when the information of prejudices and absurd parameters of beauty is already in the genes, it is in the development from child to adolescent, and with more force from adolescent to adult in which the person is becoming more and more aware of the role that will play develop in society according to their physical "attributes".

Then according to it will focus gracefully or not, and its measurement in these parameters will take reference of your level of confidence that will shape your self-esteem. Then this trust will increase or decrease also in direct relation to what others also think of one.

That is to say as you appreciate it for your height, your eyes, your body, etc. a balance will be made of which part of your body or face is approved and if the balance is quantitatively and qualitatively high in the parameter; Self-esteem is high, otherwise self-esteem will be lower in the common or "normal" man or woman of society.

On that basis, it is clear that sticking to the parameters of society reveals a false security, because it is based on a trust that is not ours, which is external throughout our lives. And precisely because it is not something inside, because it is something that we do not own, it is also easy to lose it. Furthermore, one can not be really happy when one has attachment for the "physical self", it is our identification with the "spiritual self" that gives us an authentic security and therefore happiness.

Young people who feel "beautiful" become old and lose say that "beauty", the rich can become poor, they can get sick, and money or social status will not help them. Because the only thing that can give them hope of "something" better in life is having that confidence that comes from within that is pure energy of self-liberation. When you have that yes you are invulnerable to the passage of time, and even the challenge of death can seem stimulating.

Undoubtedly, that true security which is that of the soul allows us to focus life with greater value because we know that we are architects of our own destiny. The true security that also implies confidence and aplomb comes from a process of spiritual development that involves purging harmful thoughts.

The true security, is also pure, is not contaminated by the environment "of which they will say". Whoever gets it becomes a really powerful being.


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