A Brexit proof stock portfolop

in busy •  3 months ago

There is now just over seven months to go to Brexit Day, and no deal in sight. The UK economy is holding up, making it easier for the British govt to be stubborn in the negotiations.

It's quite likely that the govt will simply take the risk of exiting without a deal, and then slowly thrashing out a trade deal with the Europeans.

So how to protect your stock portfolio while this happens?

There is one certainty: the markets will try to bid the pound down. They'll be helped by real money flows, as the speculators who purchased London property in the period 2012 - 2016 try to get their money out. We're already seeing a lot of high end properties in London coming on the market, and they're starting to slash their prices, probably figuring that it's better to take the haircut and get out, than wait.

Therefore, if you are British, when setting up your stock portfolio, you need to focus on stocks that earn the bulk of their profits outside the UK - when the profits are repatriated to Britain, the weak pound should boost this money.

If you are not British, sit on your hands and only invest once the bottom has been formed in USD-GBP.

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