Rangrang Ants

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Rangrang ants or Oecophylla buffs are rather large-sized ants known for their high ability in forming webbing for their nests. In English he is called weaver ant or "weaver ant". Rangrang as many other ants are social insects and form colonies. Rangular colonies can be very high in population.


In the world are known two types rangrang still survive. The rest is found in fossil form. The first type is the wide range of O. smaragdina rangrang from Pakistan to northern Australia and the African african O. longinoda that inhabits the tropics of Africa.


This insect is territorial to keep its place of life and bertemperamen fierce. Rangrang did not hesitate to attack anything approaching the area of ​​activity. Because of this behavior, many fruit tree owners in Southeast Asia are using it to keep the fruit from being ripe. Apart from being a guard, rangrang utilized humans as a source of feed pet birds chirping. The larvae are known as Kroto and are favored by insectivorous birds. Kroto is a secondary trading commodity in addition to farmers' income.


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