I Have Inspiration from Coffee and Cigarettes

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Often we meet in the coffee business, from upscale to existing traveling traders on every street street that they sell coffee always accompanied by cigarettes. In fact, the legendary Iwan Fals became the star of one of the three subjects, with the slogan Bongkar Old Habit! Not only that, in the lyrics of the song Night of the Night, Iwan also brought the element of coffee and a cigarette, the inspiration of inspiration records.

Even the Peacock, W.S Rendra even makes cigarettes, kretek more precisely, in his artwork.

the creativity of the ancestors and the residents of Indonesia is remarkable.
tobacco mixed with klembak, tobacco mixed with cloves,
being a clot cigarette, being a clove cigarette and this is an incredible creativity.

Since when is coffee identical with cigarettes? No one knows. Clearly, the proximity between coffee and cigarettes becomes the ice breaker of a conversation. The combination of these two heavenly bodies can make the atmosphere of communication dilute when gathered together.

In a culture pattern created by the community, especially in Java Timuran, coffee and cigarettes contained by a cangkrukan mechanism. In an area like Yogyakarta, such a thing can be seen in angkringan.

All of these containers to facilitate them to chat with each other, unwind, exchange information, from household problems to politics. All done with the medium of coffee and cigarettes, until an inspiration or idea emerges.

One that is certain, both coffee and cigarettes, both have a long history. Ethiopian society has known the tradition of drinking coffee since 800 BC. By Yemeni merchants, coffee is brought to the world.

Similarly, cigarettes that have started to become a daily rite since Mayans, Aztecs, and other American Indian tribes. Tobacco that is burned and sucked through this pipe is only done when there is a group meeting. The burning tobacco function is to strengthen relations between tribes, as well as communication media. The American Indian tribe also uses tobacco as a treatment.

From there, coffee and cigarettes find their way.

In Indonesia, a link between coffee and cigarettes can be found in Lasem coffee and Cethe coffee. They are created by a particular cultural group of people in serving coffee and cigarettes, the medium of coffee identified in the feminine and cigarette roles play a role in masculine form. Coffee served to cover the solitude of cigarettes and decorate the body of the cigarette. Here, the role of coffee for smokers, although as secondary items, is very important, and can not be abandoned or substituted with other items. Beauty and pleasure become an instrument in the pattern of ngelelet / nyethe.

Modernization of coffee and cigarettes says [drink] coffee and cigarettes is an ancient tradition that then experienced a shift in value following the pace of development of the times. Cigarettes are no longer the ritual media of the shamans / religious figures of a tribe who became cigarettes as a way of communicating between gods or ancestral spirits, and coffee Now, coffee is served with high taste and enjoyed with various methods of technology, no doubt coffee lovers are not from lower class society but also enjoyed by upper class society, coffee and cigarettes are no longer bitter.