a person's loyalty can be seen from the location of the mole

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-Tahi flies on the forehead
If a person has a mole on the forehead they have strong characteristics and maintain an alias relationship is not easy to say the word break or even divorced.

-Tahi flies on the chin
A person who has a mole on his chin is an indication that he may not be so romantic towards his partner. Unfortunately, it is directly proportional to his loyalty. So, in other words he is not so faithful to his partner.

-Ti flies on the cheek
If you have a mate who has a mole on the right cheek, then you are a lucky person. Because the mole on the right cheek is said to have love and hard work from both sides.

-Tahi flies in the arm
If someone has a mole on the right arm, then anyone who becomes his partner will be lucky. People who have a mole on the right arm have extraordinary fidelity and their love will never be replaced.

-Tahi flies in the eye
This is rare, but it is real. Few people have moles in the eye and this is an indication that they will be truly and deeply loved by their partner. Unfortunately, moles in the eye also indicate a consistent marriage conflict between each other.

-Tahi flies under the eyebrow
The presence of a mole under the eyebrows suggests difficulties in relationships and quarrels in the home. It will also bring discomfort and unhappiness in the family.

-Tahi flies in the middle (base) of the nose
People who have a mole in this position is believed to be hooked teasing the opposite sex. They are also said to have many problems. So you need to be wary of how they use their charm to captivate you. Watch Out.

-Tahi flies at the tip of the nose
The position of a mole here reveals a sexual problem that can also have an impact on married life. So, one should be careful. The position of the mole is believed to be a very bad location and should be removed only.

-Tahi flies next to the nose
The location of the mole here shows that there is a good relationship with your partner. And you too will have an immutable and great bond with him. Women who have a mole next to the nose are said to be very kind and happiness follows them throughout their lives.

-Tahi flies on the lower lip
People who have a mole on the lower lip are called a romantic figure and they tend to have multiple sexual partners. Watch Out.