Protect the oceans

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Protect the oceans

I did share a shot of this temporary display outside the visitor's entrance to the United Nations Headquarters in NYC, and promised I would share some more shots of it, well I finally got around to editing my photos of it and here are a few shots of it

1 Save the Oceans4.jpg

Sony A7iii 26mm F9 1/400 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

Its quite a powerful piece to see, and really does make the point about what all the trash in the ocean can do to the wildlife, such as the fishing nets and plastic on the flipper of the whale

1 Save the Oceans3.jpg

Sony A7iii 49mm F9 1/320 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

Or the oil and cans around this turtle

1 Save the Oceans.jpg

Sony A7iii 33mm F9 1/320 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And another shot of the full display from another angle

1 Save the Oceans6.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F7.1 1/250 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And another angle

1 Save the Oceans2.jpg

Sony A7iii 24mm F9 1/320 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And a last shot of another one of the turtles in this piece all caught up in nets and plastic, I am always kind of shocked and disgusted when people leave trash on the beaches here, and I hope this piece does what it is probably intended to and makes some people think about what they are doing and the impact it has on the environment

1 Save the Oceans5.jpg

Sony A7iii 69mm F8 1/320 Sec ISO 125
Click here to view larger

And that’s all folks

unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself, if you wish to use any of my images please contact me.


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!steemitworldmap 40.748774 lat -73.967344 long United Nations HQ NYC d3scr

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They certainly make the point, wow!

OHh yes i think so

I would say not only oceans but protect all the water bodies, be it rivers, lakes or ocean.

Yes Perhaps I should have said protect the planet

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Wow, I hope this statue opens the eye of people. Animals suffers a lot thanks to humans.

YEs Indeed is was a bit disappointed to see this mornings thats its bene taking down i knew it was a short term thing but kind of hoped it would stay longer

Great display they made...

Thanks for share.

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I think so to as sad to see this mornings its been taken down I knew it was a short term display but i hoped it would stay longer

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Birds losing legs with fishing line floating in the water is a common thing to see on our beaches of late.

This is an excellent reminder to take trash home with you if there is no trash can available.

I have seen some birds with damaged logs a well most likely caused the same way so I think reminders like this should be in prominent places all over to educate others to take there trash with them

Unfortunately you have to be in peoples faces, up their noses all the time to get them to think of consequence, much easier to toss the trash anywhere.

Sadly I know you are right and sadly also some people will never change :(

Something has to be done about all the plastic that winds up in the worlds waters....🤣

Ohhyes I so agree I think pieces like this should be in prominent display all around the world to make people think

Wow, that is certainly powerful @tattoodjay. I hope it does get through to a few people, when I see people throwing trash out the window of their cars I am stunned....I just don't get it. Fantastic shots :)

Ohh yes that so infuriates me when I see people just dumping trash out the car window or leaving their trash on beaches or parks,I think more pieces like this should be shown around the world to make people think about what they are doing

That is a pretty powerful piece of art. Back when I used to drink soda I always make sure to cut up my plastic pieces that held the cans and bottles together. I remembered reading something about birds and fish getting caught in them at landfills or wherever. It wasn't much but I tried to do my small part.

Isnt it just I was kind of sad to see it was taken down over the weekend i hoped it old stay longer

I to try and do my bit to recycle allI can and properly dispose of tings if we call do our little bit together it becomes a big thing


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Thanks for the resteem appreciated

Interesting statue. I am shocked people leave their trash everywhere. They drive over to my place to dump their bags with garbage!

Yesterday I discovered a great graveyard, looked more like a forest..Only 1 path leads through it. At the first sight it all looks so green but if you walk through it cans everywhere (energydrinks, beer, etc.).

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Isnt it just a pity it was taken down over the weekend I knew it was temporary but i hope dit would stay longer
Its shocking how some people just drop trash everywhere and don’t seem to care the impact it can have onthe environment,

It is indeed. It should stay there for weeks and next placed somewhere else. You really need to confront people with it (and let them clean up the garbage for some days).

Happy and a clean day 💕

I do hope it has been set up somewhere else where more people see it and get motivated by it to do more to protect our planet

This is amazing! It's so sad to watch. Thank you, @tattoodjay , for the detailed photos of this sculpture!

Isntit just I was kind of sad t see it had bene taken down today I wish they had kept it there longer

What an amazing piece of art.

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Yeah it was just a temporary display Iwas disappointed t see it gone from there this morning i wish they had kept it here longer

Entire islands of trash drift in the Pacific Ocean. We dirtied the planet very well...

Yes i have seen photos and videos of that its so shocking its time we all did our bit to protect our planet

It is also a shame to see garbage in parks, forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes. Many people act like parasites...

Your last works are so true so many people are selfish and I do agree they do act Ike parasites

Thanks for your kind words. People often do not understand what harm they do or just spit on it. Very sorry

Yes that true some do not understand what they’re doing

Nice display and others photography.

Thanks kindly 😎👍😎

Oh gosh... that makes an impact!
So sad when you see the videos of animals trapped in nets and having all sorts of plastic wrapped and constricted around them! :( Thanks for these shots... we need more of these... photos and displays!

Ohh yes seeing those videos is so sad to watch arent they
I was kind of sad to see that this display was taken down over the weekend I wish they had kept it there longer or permanently it does portray such a powerful message

What an amazing statue. It really puts it all into perspective. Doing the hiking, we find so much trash on the public trails that are done by those who are not major hikers. We carry a fabric bag with us to gather trash along the trails and there are times the two of us can't put anything else in. I wish people would think more about the future instead of the now.

Thats great you carry a bag and pick up the trash of othersI do the same on my mornin beach walks, but so many sadly do not care and just leave trash anywhere

This piece really showcased the damage that is being done and sadly it was taken down last weekend i wish they had kept it here longer

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Howdy JJ! The massive polution of the oceans is pretty alarming! I know some companies are working on it but with such huge areas to clean up I think it's going to take decades.

Ohh yes saly it is going to take decades and yes some are working on it but not enough, and we also need to all do out bit to try and do what we can to help

The plastic bags seem to be one of the main problems because of the way they get tangled with with sea life.

That’s very true that’s why I now try to avoid using them as much as possible I have in the car and in my bag reusable bags

Us too, we take reusable bags to the grocery store. They need to start making bags that are biodegradable.

Here they just brought in a new law banning single use plastic bags in supermarkets which is a good thing

I agree. The reports I've seen on tv about the ocean pollution and the harm to sea life is heart-wrenching and so much of it is those dang plastic bags.

yes it is shocking for sure and this display really highlighted that I hope a few people who saw it were shocked and changed their habits

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