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Where will Steem be in 10 years?

It is easy to get caught up in what is taking place right now. This also can lead to a big of negativity if things are not going as planned. Delays and setbacks can be discouraging. In our realm, the drop in coin pricing really was a setback for many.

In spite of it all, I remain ultra optimistic about this platform and the industry in general. Why is that? How can I write stuff each day that puts a positive tone on Steem when there are obvious issues?

My reasoning is simple: I am not dwelling on today. Instead, I look at 5-7 years. In this article, I rounded it to a decade for conversation sake.



So where will Steem be in a decade?

The honest answer is we cannot even begin to answer that. You might think that a decade isn't that long and we should have some idea what will take place. Instead, I find that as we keep moving further into the digital realm, it gets more difficult to project the future. What use to take 10 years now happens in 3.

We are about to embark upon an up cycle in technological development. The last 20 years were fairly flat. Outside the mobile phone (smartphone) there was little that seriously altered society. Instead, we witnessed an evolutionary move ahead. Processors got faster; memory less expensive; software more powerful. Nevertheless, the overall picture is still the same.

That is about to change. To start, we are moving into quantum. Now I realize we will not see full quantum computing for a while, most likely more than the decade out. What we are seeing is quantum principles being applied. This is affecting things such as materials, nanotechnology and bots.

VR and AR are also technologies that are poised for breakthroughs. This is going to have implications on how people access information and how entertainment is arranged.

A decade is a long time.

Steem is going to be a blockchain that will be around in a decade because of the foundation being laid today. What is developed today is going to be built upon. Since we are dealing with a great deal of open source work, the ability to expand rapidly is great. Applications can build upon each other fostering in a new era of innovation. We are moving away from the slow moving, centrally controlled advancements.

During the last technological "golden age", the 1990s, we saw the Internet come to life. As a comparison, just consider what it was like in 1995 or 1996. Do you think those people could envision social media a decade later? The idea of having the Internet on a phone was also science fiction to them. Both those happened in roughly a decade from that point.



Steem is about "tokenizing the Internet". Most of us on here understand the concept of tokenization. We are very familiar with that process. What we do not understand is the Internet. Sure, we know what it is today. The challenge with that is we are seeing the introduction of Web 3.0. While we can surmise that we know what is coming, the truth is we cannot comprehend what breakthroughs are going to happen.

Just like the Internet user in 1995 was clueless to what I just mentioned, there are "sci-fi" ideas today which will be part of our everyday use in the late 2020s.

The present Internet is not working. It is part of the old realm which served it's purpose yet it is time to move on. We evolved passed it to the point we need something new. The digital realm offers limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a system where the options for most are rather limited.

Steem is setting out to change that. Since the Internet is going to be ubiquitous, it will be like electricity. In other words, this is something that is going to be a central part of everyone's life. Steem is positioned to be a player in that realm. Is it going to be the only one? Certainly not. We are moving away from monopolies. There will be millions of platforms out there doing all kinds of different things. Today, we have signals everywhere. As I travel around, I bounce from wi-fi to wi-fi through my cable company. When a signal is not available, I am on the cellular service.

Blockchains will be similar. Essentially, they transfer and store data. This is vital since the world is generating a lot more of it. This is not destined to slow down anytime soon. This means that networks such as Steem are going to be more important as we move forward. The need for something that is borderless, open, decentralized, and not controlled by any one government or entity is only going to grow.

As for what will be on top of this, I can only guess. There will be a lot of AR and VR. We will hundreds of applications that are used in our daily lives, many which run in the background. I expect the Steem blockchain will be filled with automation (along with the rest of the world). We will see nano payments. Forget micropayments for a cup of coffee. We are going to see a payment of .001 STEEM for 7 minutes of insurance. Blockchain will alter how we interact with time.

Try to keep some of this in mind as we move forward. There are going to be setbacks and frustration. This is a part of development. Nothing in nature is a straight line. The ascension of Steem is the same. We will bounce around having our good moments along with the not-so-good.

Nevertheless, we are going to see a very powerful system in a decade. What we will be doing on the Steem blockchain is going to blow our minds.

It is going to happen.

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hopefully steem becomes bigger than we can imagine


We can only hope so @ssjsasha :)

It’s very exciting to think about the future of STEEM. I believe it’s going to be a top 10 blockchain in marketcap sooner or later !

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That competitive mindset is probably something we should try to avoid. It doesn't matter if Steem is #1 or #100. This is a cooperative space that rises and falls together.

That being said I also think Steem has great value. Just the fact that one can send money to a @username sets us above the rest. Being able to stake coins, have 4 levels of security, and decentralized account recovery also makes Steem much harder to steal. Combine this with the ability to easily tip inflation to any account we like and it's plain to see that we have a very unique platform.


I agree with you @edicted.

Competition is a characteristic of scarcity. I used your Linux analogy the other day. Are the different versions of Linux in competition with each other? No they are not. People choose them based upon utility. Even a version that has 100 users is of great value to those people. It also can result in huge revenues depending upon what is taking place on those boxes.

We need to foster cooperation if we are to evolve to the next level. That is what we seeing taking place on here.


Hi @edicted, @taskmaster4450

That competitive mindset is probably something we should try to avoid

Perhaps you are right, but it is simply not possible to avoid competitive mindset.

Competition will show sooner or later and will do their best to take over. Which is not going to be so hard since reason: STEEM has failed to maintain trust of it's community because of Ned and lack of communication with him and rest of developing team.

I used your Linux analogy the other day. Are the different versions of Linux in competition with each other?

I never considered Linux a way for companies/peopel to make $$$. And that's the main difference. Solutions like Steem and Steemit will bring serious businesses fighting for that huge piece of cake (social media).

Perhaps Im wrong, but I just don't think so.



Yeah, I think the same - most cryptos do not even have a use case - STEEM does :)

I hope your prediction becomes true, many people begin to aware that blockchain technology can be useful to use in daily life but conservative people still afraid about that because they worry that the cryptocurrency effect will be given a negative impact for their wealth.


I remember how many were scared of the Internet and the learning curve there. It slowed down adoption some but it eventually happened.

Yes people are scared off because of the FUD surrounding crypto. I think people will be backdoored in, meaning they use an app without even being aware they are in crypto. They will just be doing something, getting reward without truly realizing what is taking place.

Hey @taskmaster4450! I was that kid graduating from high school in 1995. There was certainly no internet at my high school. That didn't come into my awareness until two years later in college and even then that was just email at the time. During my work practicum i was blessed to start to work with ms word gaining those skills landed me an awesome job opportunity i had only dreamed of. Still, internet was so infantile. Up until like 2004 or something when i started using blackberry smart phone. Anyways, enough reminiscing but it is a real cool way to think looking ahead, by reflecting on the past. Always appreciate your perspective. Especially nanopay! That's hyper cool. Please keep sharing your ideas!!

@taskmaster4450, Yes, we have to understand the Age Aspect and by that i mean, nothing grows in one day, Atleast long term stuff will take sometime and which grows in one day may be that's an Artificial Subject. So, as an Full Time Steemian i am eyeing for long term and standing firmly to face the Roller-coaster Journey. Stay blessed and keep motivating. 🙂

Amazing post, very inspiring.
Thank you.

I'm curious to see Steem evolve further and be a part of everyday society.

Steem has demonstrated its flexibility as DApps have continued to be built with different targets in mind which will lead to more developers leveraging the ecosystem to onboard evolving technologies to benefit from blockchain itself. It may take years, but I feel it will be worth the wait!

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So exciting times and I am already looking forward to seeing how Steem will evolve. Steem is not Steemit, but much more 🚀

Why would I need sex insurance?


If you saw the girls I dated, you would know the answer to that.


I love this answer hahaha :)

I've been overrun by Debbie Downers lately telling me that I'm wasting my time writing on the blockchain. I do spend a lot of time writing on here but I don't think it's a waste. I think we're going to see great returns at least in the next couple of years.

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Really inspiring like always!
Good job! :)

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Dear @taskmaster4450

10 years from now? In 10 years this world can turn upside down (considering speed of changes around the world).

Within this period of time we should experience few new projects similar to STEEM and some of them will surely take over. For one simple reason: STEEM has failed to maintain trust of it's community because of Ned and lack of communication with him and rest of developing team.

It will be very easy for someone new out there to create platform similar or better to STEEM. So in my opinion STEEM will be remembered by very few, the way we remember Yahoo or MySpace. As something that had a good start but it's creators never expected and wanted it to be a worldwide thing.

Good read buddy

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