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Steem is making great strides before our eyes. Many look at things such as number of transactions and users as a barometer of how things are going. While these are important numbers, at this point, they tell little about what is taking place.

The blockchain industry is still very young. We are laying a foundation at this time. This means a lot of development that won't necessarily capture the attention of the masses. Instead, they are the pieces that advance us another step forward.

We are all familiar with Steem-Engine. This is a platform developed that allows Steemians to create tokens. It is a sidechain with smart contract capability that puts Steem on a par with Ethereum in this regard. The capability to create tokens by writing a smart contract is now part of the Steem ecosystem.

These tokens will be better tied into the blockchain when the Smart Media Token protocol is released. Until that time, this is a place where all Steem created tokens that use this format can be traded. The reason for this is because an decentralized exchange (DEX) was added.

Both of these advancements provide the ecosystem with a leg up. This was something that we were missing. While there was an exchange on Steemit, it only handled STEEM and SBD. Also, without the smart contract ability, Steem was not a token factory. Now it is.

@steempeak took this one step further. Having a mission to provide Steemians with an interface that provides all their tools in one place, the team decided to add the Steem-Engine tokens to the wallet.


As you can see looking at a picture of my wallet in Steempeak, only if one has Steem-Engine tokens does it appear. Accounts without it are going to appear as normal.


This is one of the additions that often goes unnoticed. We have thousands of them taking place with regularity on this blockchain. Each upgrade, in and of itself, means little. However, collectively, over time, they all add up.

We are at the point where we are, in many ways, still building the road. The problem is many are looking at the cars.

A mistake many make is comparing what is here to some of the applications in the centralized world. It is important to remember they are projects that are around years, if not decades. They are finished produces albeit still evolving. What is presently on Steem are early iterations. A lot more work is required.

It was only 3 months ago that there was no Steem-Engine nor DEX to trade the tokens. Today we have that. Also, thanks to @steempeak, we have an interface that shows those tokens in our wallet.

A simply but vitally important step.

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for now all I can think about is my Enjin gains

Glad you like the update... looks like you better go grab a few tokens for your wallet. haha


And then tell the rest of us which tokens you think are actually useful.
Lots of room for Token Reviews coming up. haha


Thanks for this update - I was quite surprised to see it all of a sudden :)
Awesome job and fast as well!

I’m glad there’s one front end with the ambition to combine all these cool dApps and features people have come up with over the years! Well done @steempeak! Hope to see more cool updates soon

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things are a damn sight better, that fo sho

This is a great advancement as the ecosystem continues to broaden and expand and seeking a way to organize it all is great for a front-end to incorporate! I will definitely check it out!

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I had heard of Steem Engine before but was unsure what it was really, you gave me some good info here...

The best thing we can get everything under one roof......

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an association that can give great motivation

It’s funny how they knocked out that SMT work much faster than Steemit Inc and with a much smaller team... At this point, Steemit Inc (and the developer work they are currently doing) is a bit obsolete in my opinion.

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Yes it shows the power of decentralization when those who can do it better (and faster) do.

I will say the move to RockDBs and the other things Steemit Inc is doing is of help to decentralize the nodes.

But as for their app, yes it is passe.


How could you sum up RocksDB in one sentence? I haven't really been paying any attention to that or these other names they are coming up with.

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Yes I like this article and I’ve given it my upvote and resteeming, Steem blockchain is fast evolving for the benefit of the whole world.

Let’s believe more and work more!

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"These tokens will be better tied into the blockchain when the Smart Media Token protocol is released"

Do we have any idea of a timeline for the SMT release?

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That function is amazing, maybe all the other platforms should adapt the same thing, maybe create a tab called "tokens" where all the tokens created are displayed.

BTW where can I see more in-depth information about the steem-engine token? Never saw a post explaining it and I would love to know what it does.

This is fantastic thank you!

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