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In my articles, I do my best to give people a glimpse into some of the possibilities of the future.

Here I want to share with you the real possibility of Steem and give evidence by what is already possible. Many buy into FUD or create it by focusing upon how things are now. Developers are continually banging away at code which, with the exception of Microsoft, tends to fix bugs and overcome problems.



We know that the Smart Media Token protocol is set to go live in March of 2019. This is going to turn Steem into a coin factory. Suddenly, there will be the ability to have thousands of coins created for any type of project out there. Even individuals can create their own coin if desired.

I think one of the most overlooked points is the Smart Media Token protocol turns each token created into a "mini-STEEM". Hence, it operates just like STEEM does with the same features that are offered on the blockchain.

This is the golden nugget that will eventually benefit tens of millions of people.

When many think about the Steem blockchain, it comes back to posting, commenting, and upvoting. This is core of the Steem ecosystem. The challenge is people are limited by their thinking. To many, it is blogging or basic social media activity. This outlook is too narrow.

Here is an example of what is possible right now and what the potential could be.

Last night I went for a walk. This is something that millions of people do everyday after work. People like to get some exercise and unwind after a long day. Those are wonderful benefits to getting off the sofa and doing a bit of exercise.

The difference with me is there was financial benefit too.

On my walk, I had the @actifit application going. Last night I was able to walk over 5K steps which earns AFIT (actually I walk for someone else so I don't get the tokens). With the new payout system, I am not sure what that earns exactly but more AFIT will go into the account.

During the walk, I took a couple pictures. Since I wrote an article yesterday afternoon about @dlike's Android app, I downloaded it to test. Again, I used another person's account to help her get more tokens, but those two pictures I took were posted using the @dlike application. The app worked well and those posts are worth, at the moment, 20 dlike apiece. Hence, on the walk, 40 dlike were earned.

Another way this walk was of financial benefit is because both those applications upvote out of their main accounts. This means that @actifit will upvote the post earning STEEM and SBD. @dlike upvotes posts randomly I think so there is no guarantee either of my posts will be upvoted but it is possible.

In addition to those accounts, others upvote the posts earning a bit of STEEM and SBD.

There is another project on Steem that focuses upon one's Health and Wealth. @air-clinic is also seeking to go the SMT route once it is available. I wrote about this a while back, downloaded the application, and did a bit on it. Last night, while walking, I opened up the application to read an article. While walking, I read and commented on it, earning myself 2 @air-clinic coins (I am not sure what they call them).

Just like the other posts, my comment is eligible for upvote which could net me some STEEM.

Naturally, since all of these applications are going to use SMT, they have no market value assigned to them at the moment. That will not be the case in 6 or 7 months.

There were other things on my walk which could have made me some money.

If I had a photo taken of me picking up some trash on my walk this could get me paid. @cleanplanet is another expected SMT that rewards people for cleaning up their neighborhood. Again, since it is not released, there is no token but a post could get upvotes.

Filming a video and posing it to @dtube would get me more STEEM. @dtube is upvoting some content on that application which is a significant upvote. Hence, there could be a decent payout.

Once again, both these projects are expected to have their own coins meaning one could get paid in them also if they were available.

If I had an Instagram account, using @share2steem would post the pics, or whatever I put on that app, to Steem, thus enabling me to potentially earn rewards. Not to sound like a broken record but do not be surprised if this is a SMT at some point.

What I described is possible right now. I named 6 or 7 applications which could net me either their own tokens AND STEEM/SBD or, if they don't have that, just STEEM/SBD. As I said, I would say most, if not all of these, will have their own tokens in the Spring. This means my walk could have brought in about 8 different tokens when STEEM/SBD are included.

If we want, we can throw in few @steepshot pics too. Or APPICS.

Are you starting to see the pattern?



What is possible in the future?

People often like to listen to music while walking. Perhaps there will be a day when we see a decentralized Pandora on the Steem blockchain. Get paid to listen to music.

My data is worth something. Will there come a time when I have a fitness band that gathers all my information which is sold for tokens to a medical research lab. Or perhaps the insurance industry will be compiling the data for research into how to access risk with more concise data.

Ever hear of Proof of Volunteering? Why can't that be on the Steem blockchain. Perhaps my walk is done as a volunteer project, let's say at risk children or isolated senior citizens. Volunteering my time and posting a "proof post", using @dlike, could earn me some volunteer coins.

Instead of just walking, maybe I turn it into a walking meditation, concentrating on each step and focusing upon each part of my body. Becoming one with my surrounding, I see how all is intertwined and the entire cosmos is contained in a blade of grass. I do a post about this and earn the @tribesteemup token (TRIBE?). Since I post it in the esoteric section, @flauwy's 1UP tokens are earned.

During my blissful meditative walk, I become one with everything, include a car backing out of the driveway, right into me. Suddenly, my wallet is filled with LEGAL coins from every ambulance chaser (lawyers for those outside the US who don't know that phrase) within 50 miles who wants my case. It is a good thing I read the @air-clinic article and have those tokens for my medical care.

In all seriousness, this is some of the potential we are looking at. Millions of people will have the opportunity to do the same thing, in many different areas of their lives. As you can see, even a simple walk could turn into 10 different tokens within the next year.

I did not even get into the @dlux-io AR/VR scenario which is working to lead the way into the tokenized/upvote economy. Maybe the shoe manufacturer put chips in my sneakers which monitor the number of steps I take. They pay me for every 100K steps taken because they need to know how many steps their shoes get before they wear out since we compare shoes based upon price per step (like price per ounce in the supermarket). This is all done automatically using the @dlux-io platform with my payment coming via an upvote on a comment on the post announcing each 100K steps.

This is the value of the SMT protocol: It creates "mini-STEEM" ecosystems.

It gives us scenarios where the possibilities are endless. I write this article in October of 2018 with a handful of applications on the Steem blockchain. What do you think I will be able to come up with in October 2020 when there are thousands of applications each with their own tokens? What are you going to be able to come up with?

I hope this provides some clarity as to what is already here and some of the possibilities that we could see. Keep in mind this is just one person thinking of some things off the top of my head. The possibilities will far exceed this when there are thousands of people thinking up different projects. I bet we could get a fair list going in the comment section alone.

That is just a glimpse into what Steem can offer.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and resteem.


For new Steem tokens the only problem is real value.When I get sometging for free I want to sell this for real money. We get free tokens but where is the value ? Value is the most important thing for every coin or token. Yes Steem have excellent value and for Steem Holders this is awesome, for actifit etc main questions is how to bring real value to this token ? Excellent article , keep going with awesome posts.

you can use it as influence as well depending on the token. you can vote with it like with steem, dependinh on the parameters of the token. with the teardrops smt I am hoping to integrate that.I want to see testnet though first. there other ways to give coin value and one way is exploring outofthebox ways of distributing it. there can also be returns for vesting it too, like is the case with steem. I still believe it is possible to really love a token for the movement it represents. this is possible but a hardroute but very possible. to reward for proof of tears thus, there will be several "mining the human" activities, one such activity or art will be ulogging.

Steem is number one for me, keep going with good work

Or at least we should be able to shift any tokens into whatever token we prefer, and then, if we want, we can sell for fiat. These tokens on their own in their own ecosystem have very little use. I personally use the Lit app, which is like snapchat and pays you in Mithril to post, which you can then shift into ethereum.

Once SMT are released, all tokens using that protocol are tied to STEEM meaning you can swap into whatever you want.

Only real question is the value of coin or token. What I can do with coin-token.

I would think that the coin/token would only have value if you could swap it for whatever you want, like @taskmaster4450 mentioned, or if it allowed you to purchase or exchange for something of value with more ease than other tokens/coins.

Hello @Dobartim!
If you can answer how steem gets it's value then you already know the reason why these other tokens will excel. Given that there are unique instances involved for each.

On @Air-Clinic, we have an SMT known as Aircoin with which *we reward people for learning and talking about their health!. The tokens can be used to seek healthcare expert assistance when needed and also for purchasing medical products and third party services.

Value for us is determined by what the token can be used for. We are already working on alot of products by ourself to allow people to use the tokens they have earned to purchase something of value!

We have an Android app on !Google play store which you can check out! Our web application and ios is also coming pretty soon! SMTS WILL WORK!


Excellent work. Without real value and possibility to use this coin for real products or services, we don't have real value of coin. Steem have value in every app on steem blokchain like Steemit and steem power etc. Keep going with good work.

What about when Fiat becomes obsolete/completely devalued? I feel that we are,as crypto enthusiasts, and supporters of quality blockchain technology, creating a new ecosystem to use in place of the old one, which will eventually collapse.

Through all the research I have put together it shows me that when the next economic collapse happens, its going to happen rapidly, and markets are currently showing evidence of a major correction is imminent.

Then wouldn't all of these coins have significant value?

For instance, when a major correction happens like the last one in 2008, people scramble to find the most secure place to store their value/currency, back then it was in your safe or under your bed, now its cryptocurrency. The next time we see a major economic correction, people are going to scramble into crypto to store their value. This will cause the value of those cryptocurrencies to skyrocket, then those people are going to want to spend their highly valuable coins on things like they normally would, but if the value of fiat disappears no one will want to throw it away. They will then decide to spend it on one of the many platforms that will be getting developed, helping develop better quality coins/ecosystems, and especially if it is working better than the system they were using before, because inherently we all know the current one isn't working.

This is why I believe that his estimation is actually being modest, think about the amount of industries in business right now, then multiply that by all of the possible users of each industry and that will give you the estimated total users of steemit in this proposed future.

you are making me bullish on steem again.

This is going to turn Steem into a coin factory

Well said :-) Not just the apps, we can also have SMTs on various portals where they have Disqus and can have entirely new Eco-systems.

good point - We will need a much advanced "Market".

Great post @taskmaster4450 . The way how do you explain it, was very encouraging. Good job.

Excellent case, @taskmaster4450. Someone on steemitramble last night mentioned that I should chat with you about my team's project that I hope to unveil soon. Is there a place on discord where you can be found?

thanks for spelling it all out for me - I love the potential and hope I will be competent enough to access some of these tokens too

I still adore your dedication and commitment to the blockchain. What I haven't figuered out yet, how SMT should be different to any other existing token system like ERC20 on Ether or TRC10/TRC20 on Tron or EOS etc, where Developers can already tokenize their dapps?

Perhaps SMT will be different because the blockchain is free to use without any fees for transaction. Also, it is scalable and has one major feature that both Ethereum and Tronix doesn't: Incentivization. by simply being active over a period of time, users can end up with more tokens/steem than they had. Dapps producers can earn community support for their project through votes. I cannot say the same thing for the rest of the blockchains.

Well, the sad truth is, that as it is right now, I'm much more incentivized by holding TRX and simply vote for a SR and earn passive daily income, that is way higher than "working" hard for it here and writing posts. Don't get me wrong, I still keep on posting my content here, but only because of some people in the community and it is fun to write and comment. But there is no incentive money wise for me on Steem anymore - especially compared to other DPOS chains, where you earn way higher passive interest just for voting.
Another example: I am no big fan of Ether, but even there - just compare the quality of the Steemmonster card game everyone here is raving about to for example running on Ethereum.
You don't need to be into these kind of games to realize, that there are universes between these dapps. Steemmonster looks like a game made on C64 30 years ago compared to this. I'm just trying to be realistic here - and so much about incentivization....

Interesting. I'll have a look

What is SR ?

"Senior Representatives" - this is similar to witnesses on Steem but with added benefit. The SR are often not only running nodes, but represent own projects.
BitTorrent Inc. is a SR on Tron for example - they will bring "Project Atlas" to Tron and Bittorrent where all Torrent-Seeders will be rewarded with TRX. We should not forget, that Torrent is still responsible for half of the worldwide internet traffic - so this alone is huge.
Sesameseed is another - they are seed funding new dapps for the blockchain...
These are only 2 of many SR and voting for your favorite ones will earn you TRX and other Tokens (like Seed).
Does this help @bobinson?

Thank you - this is very very informative.

The torrent aspect is huge. I generally download Linux ISO images over torrent as its lot more faster and often I keep the torrent files for days. ie keep seeding. This also sounds like Filecoin (IPFS) and also what Orchid is planning to do.

I will look into TRON for more details.

What do you get with ERC20?

Compare that with what you get with SMT. Yes they are different in that SMT does not cover the range of uses that ERC20 does. They create general use tokens where SMTs are specialized.

How does a company that creates a ERC20 token reward users for upvotes? What is the formula used? How do they know what will work best?

Plus with SMT you get the secure wallet system, retrievable accounts, the impending hivemind (which I presume will be in place by SMT release), and a way to track how much everything costs on the blockchain.

SMT are providing a package to those entities which have the specialized needs that Steem handles.

If one is creating security tokens for real estate, as an example, they might be better off on one of the chains you mentioned.

Fantastic information, this Steem thing is already big, but this stuff makes it HUGE!! Thanks for that amazing review

Interesting. Meanwhile, there are some cool dapps and communities still in the works. Since their launch dates haven't been announced, I may likely not share yet. However, this post rings true. Steem will be massive!

Hi @taskmaster4450
While you where walking you could also find some cool @steemhunt gadgets and give them some delegation, you would get hunt tokens I return both for posting, upvoting and delegate:-)
Thanks for reminding us on all the ways to earn more :-)

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This is true although finding tech stuff on a walk is a bit tought. have a great idea, how about a scavenger hunt token which rewards people for posting things they find on a scavenger hunt.

That would be a cool game.

I think we just came up with a winner.

I like steem, in the coming year 2019 I see there will be a big update with the presence of SMT.

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Very good Taskmaster, once again - very good.


This new economy being created for the ecosystem will also enable new users to be onboarded to their communities with support and bandwidth to engage while earnings as well. The potential is amazing for those in countries where itbis difficult to earn and transact freely.

Yes I am not certain but it does seem that the cost of activities went down. There is one account I monitor and she seems to be holding up 90% RC even when being fairly active for her.

We can all quit our jobs then, but who gonna work?

Judging by the number of people embracing cryptocurrency, I think we have years upon years before that becomes a problem. Steemians who are on here will be okay but there will still be billions around the world who are not involved.

I do not expect any of this to be an overnight process. Implementation will end up being slow I think.

I understand and agree, but anyway. I can't envision how the society like that will look like.

The future of Steem lies in the apps and the entrepreneurs on the blockchain. Like Exyle was stating a month or two ago, this platform is changing and us Steemians need to realize the power of the Dapps and the amount of value they add to Steem. Of the ones you mentioned, DTube is definitely my favorite. I also am enjoying the SteemHunt airdrop right now because it's easy to earn HUNT over there. I'm like you though... I like peering into the future and imagining what it will be like while at the same time being grateful for what we have right now. I feel fortunate to have found Steem last year and am sticking with it long-term.


Yes the shift to an app-centric blockchain is very obvious to me. We are seeing the developers updating their apps with more features. This is only going to make what is already on here more powerful.

Add in the fact that I sense there are a lot more projects in the works not yet announced, and we could see an explosion.

Visiting from content I read by @reonlouw a fellow South African, some great ideas you mentioned above in first world countries where data is cheap or free.

Yes we have a few areas where people would be able to use these apps to make more, sadly out in rural areas it would be an expensive task!

Jotting down a thought, something that has bothered me for some time, sitting in an area where a ADSL line has hardly worked since May, have a backup of WiFi dependent on the day as to signal availability.

How do you sell an idea to people who really don't have or are unable to get around local regional problems?

There are a number of plans in the works that will change that. There are mesh networks being set up. Also, both Branson and Musk are sending up satellites starting in 2019 which will blanket the planet.

You are about to see a lot of competition forming in that area over the next few years, especially in the rural areas.

Appreciate your answer, it has taken quite some time. Living suburbia I personally know our connection has gone downhill, how rural people make connection, both difficult/expensive.

A couple of years ago Google promised rural cafe hot spots for people to be able to obtain a signal, never heard what happened after that. Talk no action?

Everyone has a phone, most use What's App or similar connections, for 'cheaper' data connectivity, Kenya and Nigeria sound to be more advanced in this.

Exceptionally high un-employment among school leavers to age forty, education into technology now is what is required foremost.

Poor little @themarkymark will go totally nuts (not that he is not already nuts ;-))). If we really get millions of users here he will need billion steem power to harass everybody


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I just recently got into Steem, and was only thinking of it in terms of social media. I bought into Steem in Dec. 2017 when it was $3.38 so I've been holding a bag on it ever since. I decided to check more into the platform and have transferred my Steem to here. I appreciate this article and learned a lot of new ways to get involved. There is a ton of information to learn about this and all the nuances of connecting the different pieces together. Again, thanks!

Another Thing is SteemMonsters too @taskmaster4450 since getting those Cards is like getting AirDrops. Each of those Cards that you accumulate become more Scarce Everyday and more People playing Level Up there Cards to get more features in the Game...........It is great to have Cards where you can see there Value in the Market................