The Applications Just Keep On Coming

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It is always good to get back to the basics.

With the recent collapse in price from 80+ cents into the mid 20s in only a few weeks, a lot of the discussion turned to pricing action. This is not a bad thing especially since many on here are discussing the price because they are buyers. I personally fall into the category.

The basics at this point, to me, is to watch development. It is one of the reasons why I am so optimistic. Notice I used the word "optimistic" and not "bullish". Bullish is a term most often ascribed to pricing action and market. While I have a positive outlook on the price over time, I cannot say when, or even if, it will go up.

Optimism shows how I am confident in what is being created on the Steem blockchain. Blockchains are nothing more than networks. Actually, they are data structures which are run on different computers creates networks. Essentially, they are rather boring.

What is not boring and will attract the masses are the applications built upon them. The industry is still looking for the "killer" application that goes viral. Until that time, we keep plugging along.


A little over a week ago, I posted about a game of chance application called @magicdice. This is a dice game on the Steem blockchain where on can wager STEEM in an effort to win more. Games of chance can be very popular and this one was very simple.

According to their last post, they had over 28K games the first week that were played. Also, they made some improvements to the site, adding features. I really like when an application does that.

Here is their post:

From the comments I saw about it, I think the game was received well by those who played it.

Now, we have another game of chance along the same lines. This is another popular one in the gaming community, at least by my understanding of Las Vegas casinos.


Slots are one of the more actively used machines in the physical gaming industry. This is now a game that is available on Steem. This was created by @steemit-casino.

There are two ways to play.

  • Place a deposit with the site and use that to play.

*Use steemconnect to enable playing direction from one's Steem account.


The application looks very basic at this time, in keeping with the idea of getting a MVP out there.


They also have different contests where people can earn different rewards on top of playing their game.


I will admit that I have not tried the this application since games of chance are not my thing. However, for those who like this stuff, it might be worth a try. We would like to hear your feedback.

The types of applications can become very popular over time. Many people enjoy the risk involved and the thrill of trying to hit the big payday. From a use standpoint, having games of chance can often increase the usage of the network. Transactions can go up considerable because of them.

We are seeing Steem starting to fill in many of the "holes" in the application line. As we progress forward, we are going to see a lot more options in terms of what people can do on this blockchain. Compared to a year ago, there already is a great deal more to excite people.

Keep watching the development, that is the golden nugget.

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Its like every day there is a new amazing dapp on Steem blockchain!
It is amazing the future looks promising.

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Hey @taskmaster4450, I thought you might be interested in a project I just announced that allows developers to create an arbitrary DApp on the Steem blockchain (with the same capabilities as smart contracts!). Link. And yes, this includes the first token on the Steem blockchain.

Magic dice is BADASS.

Steem Slots is good, honestly more fun, and will only get better with layout and different symbols and games I am sure. I had huge payouts on 0.02 Steem bets lol, but when I bet 2 steem I wasn't as lucky lol

Bet what are you willig to lose and have fun :)

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Haha always

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I will remember this as I am reviewing puppy!!

Your reviewing me??? Hehe

No more like ...
I will remember this
As I am reviewing.
Puppy. 😂😂
Tho that’s a great idea! 😛

I love magic-dice too :)

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The ecosystem continues to broaden its reach across many areas of interest which makes the potential growth even more possible. I believe that the majority of the transactions on the EOS network are these betting type DApps so it will be interesting to see if Steem based ones follow suit as well.

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Thank you for this Task. I’m startimg to review DApps in video so this list is handy. I’m right with you in enthusiasm and love DAPps since they bring creativity and honestly a chance to bring people and money to Steem. I’ll use this list to see what I’d like to review. Here’s to Keeping it positive and optimistic!

pretty cool they use keychain! :)

The dapps keeping roll'n in!

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