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STEEM Does Not Have A Whale Problem: But There Is A Problem!!!

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Thank you for your comment @justabystander.

But why didn't you mention the same statistics for Steem?

I am sorry if this comes off wrong, but did you really just write that?

So, how many whales are there on Steem platform ...

Again did you just write that? Did you even read the post?

The answer is 36 as denoted by this...

Notice the chart about it says number of accounts per level and is dated 2017 and this one is dated 8/31/2018.

what % do they own of total Steem in circulation currently.

This post deals with Steem Power since that is what constitutes influence on this blockchain. That said, you can see it in the charts above or it is even spelled out in the link provided.

Following the link will not only give the present breakdown but also where it was in August of last year.

So the answer to your question is I did provide a comparison. Do you not see the amount of SP held by each account along with the number of accounts as of the end of August? Is it not clear that the 237K Mvests are held by 36 accounts?

Therefore, perhaps in the future you consider not critiquing an author about not providing data that is contained clearly in the post. Both the amount of SP owned by each account and the number of accounts is clearly displayed in the post even without following the link to the other article which is also openly displayed.

Thank you again for your input.

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Yes, the problem is that you'd have to do the counting yourself as a reader for Steem's case and I'm talking about of the total % of SP owned by whales on Steem. And it's true that user also could look for the amount of whales in the provided pictures, but why not represent the data in the same form as has been done with other tokens as to make it clear and easy for the reader to see the numbers? The pictures could have been nice addition on top of that to see it in visual form, but now you're representing the data one way for the rest and the another way for Steem with some data points even lacking and forcing reader himself to compute.

I hope you see my point.

Just a note from reader, I still followed you ;)