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Fudbuster: Hundreds Of Trillions About To Flow In Crypto

in busy •  4 months ago

With security tokens, you could liquidate all your crypto to buy the house, but then use your house as collateral for a loan to get half of your crypto back.

Or if the market was robust enough, instead of incurring debt, simply issue your own tokens against, say 49% of the house like they did with the one of the Warhol paintings.

Or to go one step further, could we get to the point where individual ownership is senseless? Tokenize the entire house and set it up so that the "owner" pays rent which is them distributed to the token holders via smart contract.

Thus risk is mitigated among many token holders and one can own "pieces" of hundreds of homes for the same money as one house again, spreading out risk.

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mind blown!
will this be possible after HF20?
always enjoy your insights


No these type of tokens arent really idea for STEEM. Remember, STEEM is a specialized blockchain where the base layer is a content management system that produces tokens via the upvotes. It is a content/reward system.

The security tokens are a better for on something like Bitshares or EOS.