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Firefox lovers just got an added bonus.

For those who are concerned about the safety of their keys, and everyone should, Keychain is now available on Firefox. Previously released on Google Chrome, it was announced that the plug in can now be added to Firefox.

What is Keychain?

It is a wallet system that allows you to control your keys. Once the plug in is installed, it allows the access of numbers Steem applications without using SteemConnect or inputting of keys into the site itself.

Upon setting up, one enters the different keys in Keychain. Thus far, I entered my posting and active key. These keys are protected with a password the user sets up. This eliminates the need to constantly copy/paste the keys which can be dangerous.


Also, SteemConnect is starting to fund their development by taking a portion of the payouts of the posts. This is a sensible way to go for them yet can be a negative for users, especially smaller accounts. Keychain does not do this.

From what I understand, this application allows one to store numerous accounts. It makes switching back and forth fairly simple.

One of the biggest challenges that cryptoucrrency has is the adoption of keys. For the average person, this is rather difficult. The level of understanding is just not there. Passwords are something many understand. The Internet is password based providing an ease of use individuals are accustomed to.


The latest update also helps to fulfill the term "wallet". Keychain now allows access to one's features in his or her wallet. You can power up and down right from the extension. There is also the ability to delegate SP to others. I nice feature is resource credits were just added.

The latest write up on this application:

This is a handy application that everyone should try. It is simple to install and the extension walks one through it step by step. Protecting our keys is the highest priority. This helps to add a level of safety.

The development continues.

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In SteemConnect, your keys stay in your browser, too. The difference is that each time you navigate to SteemConnect, you download the code to be executed in your browser. That opens up the possibility of a hacker taking control of the SteemConnect site allowing them to get users to run malicious code in their browsers. The downloading happens only once in KeyChain and it is thus much safer.

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Thank you for the clarification on the differences.

I really need to do this but have been dragging my feet... I also am a Brave browser user and am waiting to see work there as I have heard that Chrome extensions can also run there as well.

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I will definitely try this on my firefox browser now, thanks devs.

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ya.. that was a dealbreaker before that came out few days ago im glad its there now though its not entirely as user friendly as id like

Nice to hear this

looking forward to seeing more apps adopt the keychain option.

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I was not aware of steemconnect taking beneficiaries... do they do this on any steem-based site that you connect using steemconnect? Do you know how much of a cut they take?

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