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This is a warning:

Everyone needs to relax. (enjoy the innuendo)

I write this in anticipation of things going wrong with the Hard Fork. Yes you read that properly. There will be things that go wrong with the hard fork, so prepare yourself for it

Talk to any of the developers on here and he or she will all tell you that no matter how much testing is done, there are always problems with updates. Bugs are a normal course of action. This is something that cannot be avoided.

To compound the problem, the Steemitdev team put out a post warning about the time it will take for the RC system to get acclimated. We presently are operating under a system where the less expensive transactions, like following, subsidize the more expensive ones, like commenting. This is going to change with the hard fork.

That said, the RC system will take a few days to get acclimated. The pricing will have to be worked out. The smaller accounts, those without SP, along with the high usage ones (bots) most likely will get some error messages. This is a temporary measure which will work itself out.

To show that precautions were taken, the witnesses, if they go through with the hard fork, have the option,if things go awry, to revert the system back to the way it is now. This is a fail-safe mechanism that was put in.

Many believe that this is too bold a move and that the update is taking on too much at one time. That could well be true. However, it is in the hands of the witnesses now to decide to move forward or not. All indications are that they will. For that reason, the debate is over. Now we all need to do our part to ensure things go as smooth as possible.

The Steemit team along with the witnesses will be on high alert. This I feel certain. I am sure there will be many other developers on here watching with a knowledgeable eye. Discord could be pretty active. This is an important time for the STEEM blockchain. Success here will put us on a different path from before.

While nobody can be certain what is going to happen, we all need to just chill. Accept the fact that you might get error messages over the next few days from time to time. This is not an indication of something going wrong. It simply could be the system adjusting to the new parameters. Moving from a bandwidth based system to one with RCs is not just the flip of a switch. The system needs to reach an equilibrium point. It will get there.

In my view, creating a new system like the RC will give more power to the applications. This is crucial. As I repeatedly write, it will be the applications that end up bringing people to this blockchain. The masses do not care about STEEM or, even, blockchain. They care about the sites they are using. That is where the applications come in.

I foresee a day when people are using particular applications and they are not even aware that STEEM exists or that they are actually using it. They will be so engrossed in the app along with the SMT reward on there that STEEM will be an after-thought at best.

Getting passed HF20 is crucial to move into Hivemind/Communities and SMTs. These are the next steps on the development team's agenda. There was already a SMT date given so they established expectations. HF20 will enable them to shift the focus to that.

Here is the developers post.


There was another announcement yesterday that caught my attention.


The @steemhunt team was busy at work again. They had two interesting announcements in the same post.

To start, they developed a Chrome extension for @steemhunt. This will help the application to reach outside the STEEM ecosystem. This, of course, is great timing with Hard Fork 20 taking place. An application like this can onboard many users with all the SP they have delegated to them.

The extension also helps to fill your account with Hunt coins. If you add the extension and then type in your username, you will earn an extra 100 Hunt coins per day. Not a bad deal for simply adding and using an extension.

Their second announcement was a change to the shuffle system. Previously, it was once a day. To spread the coins out even further, they decided to add 4 rolls per day, one every 6 hours. This will enable one to earn from 10-100 Hunt per roll. This potentially could increase the payouts that each person will receive daily.


The bottom line is that @steemhunt has millions of coins they want to airdrop on Steemians. This is truly the early adopter stage with their SMT release slated for May 21st. The original airdrop results in few Steemians collecting their tokens based upon the SP in their account. Those coins were put back into the till to be distributed in other ways.


@steemhunt is making some headway as one of the more powerful applications on this blockchain. It already had a record setting delegation drive resulting in well over 1M SP delegated to their account. This enables them to not only distribute Hunt as a reward, but provide a healthy upvote to those using the platform.

As always, there are a lot of great things happening on the STEEM blockchain. Even if we do encounter a few hiccups during the hard fork, they will be just temporary. STEEM is a long-term proposition; one that is looking brighter by the day.

One final tidbit: if you use Steemauto (or any of the autpvoters) be sure to set your vote time to after 15 minutes. The hard fork is going to change the rewards. I believe any votes before that time will be dusted.

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Enjoy the HF

upvoted and resteemed. glad you noticed the new extension and changes on steemhunt, it's really taking shape.

In anticipation of the Hard Fork I have put my Voting Power to work in case of some downtime. When the blockchain froze last week, I was stressed out on having my Voting Power at 100% for most of the day so learned from that just in case. Looking forward to what this could represent for onboarding new users via the great Dapps established like @steemhunt.

I understood it all till I saw the 15 minutes voting power to reward thing, I think I'll have to check steemiblog once more for clarification.

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Well, I am new here, i hope the project gets a wide acceptance in the steemit community