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Last week China released its cryptocurrency rankings. This is a government sponsored index that ranks blockchains on three different factors: technology, application, and innovation.

Steem was able to place 4th on the list, behind EOS, TRON, and Ethereum. It was unchanged from the previous rankings.


The report is now done every two months as opposed to monthly.

This is a very important piece of news, especially for all those who are involved with Steem. It is easy to get caught up in all we do not have and what is wrong. However, it is vital to remember that the industry, as a whole, is very young. Thus, all blockchains have their share of problems.

We can get biased in our views, both positive and negative. On the positive side, perhaps we know things those on the outside do not take the time to uncover, hence providing a much more optimistic picture than they paint. This, of course, can occur negatively, where they miss some underlying issues.

As always, it is good to know the foundation upon which we are building this ecosystem is strong. Steem also ranked well in Creativity. What is interesting is the ranking put a low number on Applicability. Since I do not know the metrics used, I cannot definitively state where they erred. Nevertheless, I feel the applicability of the applications on here should score higher.

Perhaps the fact they view this blockchain as more "specialized" was the reason for the low score.

Overall, this is pretty good news. It is nice to get some positive attention even if it is from the Chinese government. Hopefully an application like @wherein can take advantage of that.

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Steem is a blockchain neutral and transparent platform, that is why China doesnt have a problem using it with its people.
Not a threat to its national security.

Happy to have positive news and bring this blockchain to the moon!

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Any news like this is only good news 😬

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You know it my friend.

Always good to see some recognition.

I agree. Almost everything I read about the tech is positive. I hope we see more people recognizing the chain for how amazing it is. Seems like a slow go right now.

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Even if it comes from the chinese goverment...?, the chinese are smart enough to have this study as something serious and to have in mind. Excellent news imo.

Fourth in the world from a protocol perspective is a great spot to be to leverage the existing ecosystem and the external one growing as well.

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