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There was a post earlier that was concerning to me.

It appears, @aggroed, woke up this morning to see his ranking in the Witness list drop from the top to outside the Top 20. The vote from Freedom was removed from his account meaning that he suffered a significant drop.

I am here to ask everyone who has not already done so to take the time and give Aggroed a Witness vote. If you have a slot left in your 30 allocated, this is a deserving individual.

Why should he get anyone's vote?

I will tell you, over the last year and a half on this blockchain, I am hard pressed to think of anyone more dedicated to the Steem blockchain than him. At every level, he is doing what he can to improve this place.

He is one of the co-founders of @steemmonsters with @yabapmatt. This is one of the leading applications on this blockchain, garnering recognition outside of Steem.

Through the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty channel on Discord, he has spread that message which should ring true with every Steemian. There are a couple of programs he hosts on there that help to keep users informed as to what is taking place.

One of the last episodes I listened to was one with Ned on it. He held Ned's feet to the fire with his questioning. In short, he, in a nice manner, brought up the point of whether Ned was fit to run things day-to-day and handle all that went along with it. A couple weeks later, it seems the board of Steemit Inc came to the same conclusion.

Now I must state that Aggroed's intention was not to make Ned look bad nor to pick a fight with him. Simply put, he was trying to look out for the community. This is what he stands for. Steemit Inc let down a lot of people and, as the head of it, much of the blame falls at Ned's feet. Aggroed was trying to drive home the point that something needed changing for the sake of the community.

He was one who started the Minnow Support Project and is now working on developing (along with Yabapmatt I believe) a token creation system and DEX.

I will let him explain his Steem "resume" to you:

This is not a slap against any other Witnesses but there cannot be 20 who are better for Steem than Aggroed.

Thus, I urge everyone to make sure they give him a Witness vote.

He is deserving of it and we are better served as a community with him in that position.

If you found this article informative, please give an upvote and resteem.



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Thanks. This makes my day better and hopefully more people in the community will agree with you.


No problem and an easy post to fluff required.

You are genuine which comes through in all you do.

Well deserving of being one of the top Witnesses.


You are on your way to Nr1 witness it seems. Your rise seems unstoppable. 21 to 7 in just a few days.


You got my support brother. Ill change my proxy to you.

My vote stays with aggroed, he is a natural leader that gets shit done.


That means my vote stays with @aggroed as well ;)

I may not agree with some of his opinions and thoughts, but I can't think of many other witnesses, if any, who have done more for the platform and the blockchain.

My vote is with him til’ this day 😀

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He already has my vote.. But my SP even with the people that have me as proxy is nothing compared to @freedom. Who is it? Because it seems to me like he/she can really control all the STEEM blockchain with its witness vote... whats to stop them from just forking the chain taking everyones money and running? Doesn't sound very decentralized to me.. sounds closer to a scam


Over 7500 posts and a good number of Steem in your account. You have a lot invested, in both time and money, into something that you believe is a scam...

There is a problem with whale accounts, and broader distribution in most blockchains, so we arent the only ones. It is precisely the type of work that @aggroed does here that will alleviate these concerns over time. And it will take time - maybe more than what you are comfortable with, thats for you to decide.

But don't forget that if a large account such as @freedom were to somehow try and manipulate the blockchain to meet his own ends - then his bag would become worthless. In fact, a whale account has even more incentive to play fair then you or I do as they have a lot more to lose if the value of Steem drops to zero...


That does make a lot of sense.. I'm obviously no genius

I am happy to already support aggroed with one of my witness votes, but nice to learn of things he's working on beyond what I even knew.

It is unfortunate when sometimes our favorite witnesses will fall out of the top 20. I recall after the last hardfork drakos also fell out, because someone with a big vote decided they didn't like how vocal he had been in saying we weren't ready for that fork. (At least I assume that was the reason, given the flow of events, but who knows.)

I thought about doing a campaign to get drakos back in then, but got distracted by offline things and not having the time to keep up with regular blogging even. I was glad to see him wind up back in without my campaign.

It's good when supporters of a witness can find a way to actively support them.

Just voted. He's a true leader.

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I feel you have the ability to get stuff done around here. So i just voted for you. Could i ask a small favor in return?

If possible could you try and influence the law bots to ease off on so called "spammers". @taskmaster4450 wrote an article that mentioned this topic recently here...

I believe the law bots should just target plagiarism & harmful content 🤗

Thanks loads, you got my vote anyways, we need people like you here!

I use @blockbrothers as a voting proxy and they vote for @aggroed among others.

Maybe in some future HF we’ll be able to weight our voting for witnesses instead of distributing equally among 30? But I guess that a downside of that is that whales could put someone into the top 20 all by themselves.

He already has my vote.

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I couldn't agree more. Alrrady has my vote, and I dont see that changing anytime soon. Keep your head up @aggroed. You'll get back up there buddy.

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I think my vote is already there but I will check to make sure. One of the best people that we have right now. We need him to be in the top 20 with all the good work he is doing on our behalf.

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I think of this development as an opportunity for the whole Steem community, and not as a setback at all.

If @aggroed is successful in getting back onto the top 20 list without @freedom 's support, does this not represent a dilution of whlae influence? Community influence trumping whale influence...

And that development is healthy for us all (whales included).


I would agree with you @snubbermike. Each week 800K SP is in the reward pool. That is being doled out across the ecosystem. It is slow moving but there will come a point in time where the big accounts are diluted as there are more smaller accounts with SP and the ones on here now grow bigger in size.

Great that you are helping to promote him lets hope that he comes back up again!

I don’t always see things exactly the same way as @aggroed, but he’s got my vote.

They could have jealousies because he created tokens similar to SMT before they issued SMT.

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Who should leave the T20?

i wasnt actually voting for him but I think he does a great work for the community so he have my vote now and I hope he can get there as soon as possible to be able to keep working on keep doing a great work :D

updoot and resteemed ;)

Surprised to hear this today as he is one of the most active witnesses out there and has always had the best interest of the protocol and community first in my opinion. While successful alone, he has also been able to really encourage great projects with his insight. My vote will remain with him as well.

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My vote never moved.
I stayed aggy strong!