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Last week I came across this article that talked about dapps and how little they are used.

In it, the analysis was of EOS and ETH. The conclusion was there are only a handful of apps on either blockchain that have more than 300 users. For EOS, this might be acceptable since it is a blockchain that is only a few months old. Ethereum is a blockchain with a reputation for creating dapps. The problem is, evidently, that nobody is using them.


STEEM has a number of applications that top this number yet it is overlooked by the masses. That is okay, it will not be a secret much longer.

The reason why I singled @actifit is because it is an application that is specialized. By that, I mean it is not a general posting application like many on STEEM.

Before getting into that, let us look at some of the rankings.

For the month of August @actifit ranked 16th. This was up 8 spots.


However, for the past 7 days, the application moved into the top 10.


Looking at all the applications that rank ahead of @actifit, all of them exist for the purpose of posting to the STEEM blockchain. This contrasts this application which was created to track movements with the posting to STEEM used as a verification method.

In the past 7 days 436 accounts posted using the application, more than the 300 level mentioned in the article about dapps. They totaled 1634 posts which would far eclipse the August total of 4597 since that is on pace to do over 6,500 in a month.

Of course, these numbers are before the introduction of the IOS version which should increase the amount of users.


Here again, we see an application outperforming those on Ethereum in under a couple months. @actifit is relatively new yet surpassed most of what is on the other blockchain.

This is just another reason to be so optimistic about STEEM. Here is an example of how quickly the traffic on STEEM passes the other blockchains. STEEM is one of the few that has consistent activity with applications that are being used by people.

Here are two posts related to this topic and provided the charts.



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This is great news for the Steem chain! The more people are using it incidentally rather than by directly writing blog posts the better it is for adoption.
I noticed that appics is also doing pretty well. That is amazing considering (I think) that it hasn't been fully released! That could also be another sleeping giant and a great recruiting tool!

Edit... Okay, I see now it is just on the list, rather than performing amazingly... Still, for an unreleased app!


Very true @bengy. I was surprised to see APPICS on there also considering that it hasnt been fully released. That bodes very well for things going forward.

I’m on IOS, so I just downloaded the app yesterday. So far, I’m loving it! I work in a warehouse, so I walk around all day, so it’s perfect for me!


Awesome. Be sure to get the posts up each day to receive credit.


Yep, I already did it yesterday for the first time! Thanks! I did over 20,000 movements at work so far today alone! I do that everyday! This app is going to be good for me!

Caught this post from @mcfarhat’s resteem.

I agree, there’s a lot be optimistic about as far as STEEM. I’m a fan of the actifit app, I came from FaceBook where I was part of a lively fitness community, there isn’t that yet on this blockchain. There’s a lot of opportunities and growth opportunities, especially in the specialised health and fitness space. I’ve always found runners in particular to be positive and happy people. We need to attract them to STEEM, and I’m hoping actifit will lead the way and climb higher up that ladder.

Great post!

Good to see @Actifit doing so well..... I also selected them in my post yesterday as a choice selection of 10 DApps that illustrated the great potential for App Developers here on the Steem blockchain.

I just installed the Actifit iOS app. Excited to post my first activity tomorrow morning!

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Actifit and partiko, two apps to lead the next wave.

Where you get the graphics by rank from the DAPP on the Steem blockchain?


They were in the posts that I linked. I believe it says in one of them the app they pulled the data from.


I found this link on another post this morning: http://www.steemreports.com/sincerity-most-used-apps/

I am using partiko a lot (like right now) I am going to give actifit a good look as well.

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