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We hit another milestone on the Steem blockchain.

@arcange put out the daily MVest post which also includes a chart that breaks down the different Steem categories.

Today's post (which is yesterday's numbers) revealed that we hit 2,000 Dolphins.



Looking at the numbers from the day before, this is encouraging since the number was hit by Minnows moving up.

Having a strong middle class is vital. Many of us believe that having more Dolphins only enhances the overall platform. It is good to see the number of people who attain this level increasing.

I long maintained that we are at the point where the numbers are such that we will see the token distribution starting to flatten out. There are now 2,000 people who, collectively, have over 55K MVests. As a unit, they can really influence and reward a lot of users.

Now we start on the quest to 3,000 Dolphins.

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strong middle class

Yeah but what happens when a million users come to Steem wanting coins?

Now all the dolphins shoot up to upper class and we have to decentralize all over again.

Such is crypto.

I think there will come a time when STEEM is not the primary vehicle of wealth on here. Application tokens will end up being important to people and will be a source of wealth/income for people. They will serve to decentralize the token holding, collectively, on Steem.

I believe the important part here is that some , if not most or all, of these dolphins put in the effort to become one.

I believe they give us a glimpse of the forthcoming generations of Steemians.

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And I am still a plankton, but soon, I will be a Minnow. Be positive and continue striving.

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You will get there @guruvaj. The key is to keep pushing forward, staying active, and powering up.

Doing this, one cannot help but to grow.

This is the beauty of the Steem community, there is a big room full of positive people and talented, skilled and capable.

A lot of these bigger really don't spread the wealth. There not obligated to either. I see plenty post with large values and I check the comments. No upvotes for the comments, they take but don't give back. Just my opinion and observation.

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Yes...that will be a nice number. I am looking forward to it.

Next up, 9,500.

Damn! That’s a lot of dolphins! 💁🏼‍♂️

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A dolphin hold much how much SP?

I was looking at the stats from xmas and there has been a huge shift in the last few months. 1 less whale but a lot of new orcas dolphins and minnows. Nice to see it spreading out.

That is very true @niallon11. It is helpful to look back over a 3 or 6 month period of time to notice the difference. We can see thinks changing when viewed from that perspective.

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This is really great news @taskmaster4450, thanks for sharing.

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