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Yesterday I wrote about the issues that Vice is having with their blockchain. This affected Playboy who hired a developer to handle setting them up on the blockchain, which is a fork from STEEM. Now that there are lawsuits flying, it is safe to say that things did not go off as planned.

Launching an application, decentralized or of any other kind, can be difficult.

This will not be the situation much longer on STEEM. The FutureShock Incubator is going to solve the problem.

Are you not familiar with them? Perhaps you are more familiar with their most well known blockchain project: @fundition.

@ned said he wants to tokenize the Internet; this new project wants to tokenize your life.

Step back in time and think about how hard it was to create a website a decade or more ago. This was something that was the domain of programmers. Sites like Wordpress changed all that by allowing anyone with the ability to cut and paste to set up a website.

@teelkee seeks to do the same thing with the blockchain.

Teelkee will connect you with the people who already have that knowledge and allow you to create your own tokens and DAPPs quickly and with no hassle. It will democratize the process, the same way that Wordpress and Wix has enabled millions to create their own websites without needing to understand web-programming.

This means that entrepreneurs who do not have the programming background yet have an idea can easily create SMTs for their projects.

Here is a project that is an incredible breakthrough. The Ruby program is being developed by the Steemit team to provide materials for newer programmers to get them started on the STEEM blockchain.

Now we see a project that is going to give non-programmers the ability to operate in a similar manner.

Teelkee platform is end-to-end, businesses/users can easily move into the blockchain world; project owners will be able to easily activate the tokenization of their Steem Dapp by just drag and dropping modules and selecting a few parameters in the UI interface. These decentralized applications will be able to launch branded tokens powered by their own communities and their own SMT.

With Teelkee it is easy to create and edit social DApps with no coding skills, similar to how Wordpress and Wix allow for the creation of websites easily.

Essentially we are seeing the bringing together of developers and business creators. Many have terrific ideas but lack the know-how to bring something like this to market. By creating a place where the two can merge, the possibility that creations see the light of day is increased substantially.

We are at the point where we are witnessing the development of tools. Thus far, the entire cryptocurrency industry needs to work on the "ease of use" aspect of things. This is a tool that could well bridge some of that. Making it easier for basic projects to join this blockchain should increase the development a great deal.

Smart Media Tokens are going to be a game changer for this blockchain. Here is a platform that will make it much easier for non-technical people to create applications.

I do not know when Vice will get their act together but I can tell you, the original part of the forked blockchain is about to make it a whole lot easier to create applications for the STEEM blockchain.

Think about what it will be like when setting up an application is as easy as creating a website using Wordpress. Every idea can be tokenized and tested out.

The news just keeps getting better and better.

The entire introduction post:


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I pray this all takes off

We're potentially sitting on a goldmine, we just have to be patient a little while longer. Many users are leaving Steemit looking for better opportunity without knowing that they're missing a great chanche to increase their steem wallet!

That is my view.

I think things become a bit clearer with next hard fork. If the apps start onboarding a ton of users, that will be an ultra positive sign.

SMTs will change everything. The release of them could send things flying. Could it be possible a lot of ERC20 created tokens move to STEEM after realizing the overload on that system?

SMTs will change everything. The release of them could send things flying. Could it be possible a lot of ERC20 created tokens move to STEEM after realizing the overload on that system?

The answer is absolutely yes and not only ERC20. Yesterday I read this post by @buildteam:


I think that is a great signal for SMT.. what do you think?

Aahahah love it! "Another One"!

I have a super good idea for the next SMT project, do you recommend i reach out to @teelkee ?

It might not be a bad idea although I am not sure how far along they are with the progress on this project.

But it couldnt hurt to make contact and start a relationship.

Looks like an awesome project. Excited to see more about it!

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This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. I was literally just thinking about the fact of how I have ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life. Here’s my answer 💪🏻

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You are consistently producing value for your readers, viewers and followers @kenmelendez. I read this post after you resteemed it and got inspired. So I checked to see if a specific username was available and it was!

(I have the matching domain name).

Now it looks like I will own a high value username on the Steem blockchain and a matching domain to go with it.

Thank you! ✌

Watches the telkee video

Aaaawsome project ! I have so many ideas but no clue where to start with and this could save much time, much fails and most important can save our all lifes ! Rly rly rly impressing and inspiring to continue thinking bout not dicovered niches of the steem blockchain! Keep us informed :D

Wow that is great news @taskmaster4450 ! you are so right , the SMTs are going to be a game changer!😀👍✌💕