Imagine living in a cult where you pray to numbers.

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Pythagoras was a Greek philosopher of the 6th century BC & also the leader of a cult that worshipped numbers. His cult prayed to tetractys, the first four digits.


1 represented Reason
2 represented Argument
3 Harmony
4 Justice

Our of their religion, based on numbers and mathematics, their grew some of the most elegant and alluring geometric proofs in the history of mankind, including Pythagorean Theorem.

This basically states that for all right triangles (triangles with 90 degree angle).


Pythagoras actually sacrificed a bull once he was able to prove the Therorem.

However, he wasn't the first to think of it. Many cultures and civilizations were already aware of the Therorem before it was proven by Pythagoras.

For example, the Babylonians knew of
at least 10 centuries before the era of Pythagoras.

The Egyptians clearly used the formula to build the pyramids around 2550 BC.

China, India, and almost all Mesopotamia was aware of it at least by 600 BC.

In Western Culture, Pythagoras is the one just credited for it. Not the founder. It's easily to think your thought is unique, but there's been trillions of people before you.

US President James Garfield wrote his "unique" typical proof that the Theorem was valid in 1876.

Gougu Theorem is how it's known in China. Possibly appeared on mathematical writings between 200 AD and 500 BC

Pythagoras also developed a theorem of musical harmony.


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