Delegate SP & Get 0.002 Per SP

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This post is especially for the minnows who have less than 5 steem power. I am going to give them 0.002 SBD per one SP.

Guys your less than 5 SP has no worth at all but if you delegate me your SP it will become worthful and you get little bit money on daily basis.

This offer is open for 100 SP. As soon as I get 100 SP this offer closed. So be quick.

This is a good way to help each other. I hope I will get a strong respond all the minnows who have less than 5 SP.

To delegate steem power use the following link

If you want your current SP gives you some SBD daily then stop thinking and delegate to @sunnia . When we reaches 100 SP start selling our vote and you also get share in daily revnue by selling vote.

Limit (Maximum 5 SP/member).

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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  ·  last year (edited)

No thanks, there are enough bots already and one more adds little value to the steem ecosystem


Not a bot just a human account. Any how thanks for reply.

Hey guys I dont need your upvotes I need your SP lets create this account powerful & get benefit in the future. Lets do it guys.

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