WAR; BETTER TOLD THAN EXPERIENCED. Feminism, homosexuality and racism is a war we must fight.

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I've never experienced a war before, but I can tell every massacre, brutality, moral decadence amongst other words that can be used to classify a war.

If am to say the world is at war now; no one would believe me ,but this assertion is justifiable because war can be in different forms, that is why Sun Tzu said that the Supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. These forms of war that am talking about can be seen in the following :
Feminist battle by women
Emergent queer by homosexuals and
Racist battle by the black.
Among other trival but necessary issues that can be tantamount to war.

For in instance Carly Simon once said a really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.

Looking more into this, I ask my self this question is a women meant to accept maltreatment from her husband?, is this not war for the woman?, Just take a look at the above picture, feel what am talking about it's called domestic war.
I remember paying my uncle a visit, his wife came back from work at an odd hour of let say 9:30 and he flogged her with his belt how heartless, well this is better told than experienced.
it is said that war is an art of violence the above issue mentioned is synonymous to war.
Moreover, homosexuality has witnesses a high degree of rejection in contemporary African society and elsewhere.
download (1).jpeg
![download (2).jpeg]
For instance Nigeria is a typical example of a homophobic country; where in the southern part of Nigeria there is the existence of Same Sex Prohibition Act while in the northern part homosexuals are stoned to death when caught in the act.
download (2).jpeg
What about in Indonesia, homosexuals are publicly humiliated, flogged and punished.
These people are normal but they live everyday of their life in fear and fight the war of acceptance, well I repeat again war is better told than experienced.

The racism war began long before my birth but from the stories am told and what I can see, it appears it still exists amongst us, well am black and I believe I will live to fight the same war my Predecessors fought for my sake.

All these implies that wars are fought with ourselves, our homes and within out country, well it is better told than experienced.

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