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Hierarchy of motivation for a successful business.


I dedicate this work to my grandfathers the giver of light and the source of wisdom and knowledge.
Also I dedicate this work to steemit for giving me the opportunity to groom myself in the art of writing.


To be a successful businessman you must first believe that you can - Nikos Kozantzakis, because the road to success and the road to failure are almost the same thing, the ball is in your court.
There are basic steps that we should take in other to be successful, which I will discuss below but first let understand what I mean by being successful.



For on to succeed is not a day job, Just like practice makes perfect being successful takes a lot of energy and resources. One prominent fact we should know about being successful is that opportunities don't just happen we create them- Christopher Grosser.

For instance my mom is a business woman competing with quite a number of men in the market and she is still able to emerge as the most successful amongst them, this is because she takes valuable risks and is able to save and invest reasonable amount of money.

Hierarchy/Steps to a Successful business


The following steps will enable you understand the basic path to take for a successful business.


  1. DEDICATED: To be a successful businessman you must first be dedicated to hardwork and your business. My Interview with BOSCO a successful businessman who operate in Lagos Nigeria and in Dubai said to me that when he was 19 years he left his parent to serve as an apprentice under a uncle for 5years he later returned home married and went back to start his 0 Loown business, thereby leaving his pregnant wife behind, but now he is a proud man with 4 boys and a cute baby girls because of the little sacrifice of leaving his family. This is a typical example of being dedicated and it's an index to a successful business.


  1. DETERMINATION; just like being dedicated you have to show a reasonable level of seriousness by being hard working, and by believing that you can be successful.
    Many great businessmen started with a small capital but today they have excelled beyond imagination, and this is facilitated by determination.
    BUSINESSES IDEOLOGY: if you've passed the above steps, then you will be able to understand this step. In business you do not just rely in one source, you expand your horizon, what do I mean by this, if you are dealing in building materials, you cannot trade in only pipes and compare your self with one that combine pipes, tiles, doors among others.

In rich Dad Poor Dad, by ROBERT T. KIYOSAKI, we learnt how to be smart in business, also it necessary to read books like FOCAL POINT BY BRIAN TRACY, THE MAGIC OF THINKING BY DAVID SCHWART, THINK AND GROW RICH BY NAPOLEON HILL. They are all great thinkers in business ideologies and growth.



business ideology leads to business growth, business growth basically expands to customer care and ability/power to convince. You know that's why ALBERT EINSTEIN said "Try not to become a man of success, rather become a man of value. You need to value your customer both the rich ones and the poor ones, because they both contribute to your success.



this is the last and final step you need to take to building a successful business.
When you keep your business in order, you be able to manage it well which leads to its expansion and when you save as well as invest you be more successful. The reason why most businessmen dont make is because of mismanagement of business fund and inability to save and invest. If you avoide this the better for you.

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