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RE: @reggaemuffin Brings Up The Most Important Point For Steem

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A nice proactive post with great ideas/overall message.

However, I'm not sure if those were your words or @reggaemuffin's, but I'd humbly suggest falling back from a classified social structure which inherently promotes looking up at or down on people based on how many tokens they have.

"Give the small fish a voice"

While well intentioned above, we're not fish. People with 0 stake or even unbiased outside of the platform could have amazing ideas and input. We're all equals as people here, and many could have the means for a healthy stake waiting for the right time to change that metric in the eyes of those who see others that way. I went to SteemFest and have put a ton of time in this platform almost daily since August 2017, despite Fish-level stake. This an example of how this terminology is a bad way to classify people.

Just some healthy constructive criticism here. Thanks for the ideas. I've been wondering if STINC is in the process of a selloff with the odd market activity now to another party. Perhaps why Ned was randomly quiet for a month+ after starting his live streams (maybe a legal or NDA reason).